Missing Teen Found 10 Years Later, But There's No Happy Ending Yet

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For 10 years, Connie McCallister's family held out hope that the Wisconsin honor student, who was just 16 when she went missing, was alive and would return home. Although she was dating an older man at the time and it was suspected that she ran off with him, her family wasn't convinced she would just take off and leave them behind without a care in the world. They were right. And at least one part of their wish has been fulfilled -- Connie was found living in Mexico with her husband and three young children. But all is not well. Connie is reportedly desperate to return to the United States, but terrified to do so. And the details behind her insane and heartbreaking story help us understand why it isn't so easy for her to just drop everything and leave Mexico. 

Connie reportedly approached a church missionary in Mexico a few months ago and has been in contact with a family member since. According to her relative, the young woman says she was drugged by her then boyfriend, who was reportedly wanted at the time on first-degree charges of sexual assault of a 12-year-old child. The 22-year-old man took the teen to Mexico, where he continually abused her and prevented her from escaping.

The exact details of what happened to her are still a mystery, but we do know that Connie was beaten so badly at one point that she had to be hospitalized. At the clinic she was able to adopt a new identity and escape her abuser. She eventually met her current husband and the couple has three kids, ages 3, 5, and 7. 

My first thought was: oh man, I would have called home the second I reached the hospital. Called the U.S. Embassy. Gotten the hell out of there. But I think that's a really simple way to look at this awful and twisted situation. Connie was probably so terrorized by her experiences in Mexico with her horrible boyfriend that she was absolutely petrified to confide in anyone or try to make contact with family. We have to remember how young she was -- barely out of her teens. She was living in a foreign country and might not have even been able to communicate well in Spanish at that point. 

It may have taken several years for Connie to get past the fear she had in order to approach and confide in a missionary. I hope she can be reunited with her family and that the man who did this to her receives the punishment he deserves for stripping a young girl of her life.

What are your thoughts on this crazy and heartbreaking case?


Image via Rapid Search and Rescue/Facebook

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Linda Baker

I think you are making a lot of assumptions about her state of mind when she got to the clinic, but overall…there might have been things going on with her family that also entered into her frame of mind…hopefully she is able to resume her life now with her husband and three "children" (kids are goats), and lead a productive life. I was certainly able to make decision about my life at 16 (pregnant and keeping my child)…

Julie Farmer

Truly glad she was found...but if she is unable to trust anyone how is it she got married?

Aamy Aamy

Makes no sense that she didnt tell them she had been kidnapped ...... terrorized or not, you would think the first thing she would of wanted to do is go home. 

Jamie Ervin

Again I'm sure there's much more to this story.

Summe... Summerlion1123

Yeah, I think there is much more to the story. And unlike the first commenter I am not just trying to rip apart the writer. I think there must be more that hasn't come out or has been covered up. Seems off is all.

Linda Gough

Perhaps there's more to the story than we truly know. Perhaps we will never understand what she endured......Maybe best to let her find peace with her family and stop hounding her.  Seems she may have suffered enough in her lifetime


April Vanessa Reppert

i was thinking the same thing julie...if shes still so afraid of trusting how is it she had a child only 3 yrs after the abduction...

Shannon Williams

I am so glad that people are seeing that there maybe more to this story. When I as reading it I had a hard time beleiving some parts of this. I think that it is a mixture of personel assumptions being added and maybe her wanting to keep some aspect of this a secret but one thing is sure this story as told here does not add up.

September Trible

It is quite possible that this young woman was being trafficked by her kidnapper...it would explain a lot of the gaps and her reluctance to call family when she first escaped. Trafficking survivors often share how they were manipulated to feel like the criminal and that they have a great deal of shame and also suffer from PTSD.

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