14-Year-Old Girl Busts Her Sex Offender Dad With Video

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fingerprintsIt seems like every other day, we see another story about a teenage girl's report of rape not being taken seriously by the authorities -- and those girls going to desperate lengths to see justice done. This week a story surfaced of a 14-year-old girl who filmed her father's sexual attack with a webcam because police didn't believe her claims that he was abusing her. Now that video is a key piece of evidence in a case against her father. But imagine having to actually plan ahead and set up a camera to catch what you dread happening most in the world?

The survivor, who lives in France, first told a school counselor about her father's sexual abuse. But police wouldn't -- or couldn't -- arrest her father until they had evidence. So she set up a webcam on her computer. Meanwhile, the girl is living in a women's shelter. But wait until you hear what her father has to say about that video.

The girl's father does not dispute the facts shown by the video. But he sure does have some handy excuses. His lawyer says, "There was a period when he was unemployed and in the middle of a divorce. He insists that these acts did not stretch back further than three or four months. His daughter says longer. But everyone should be very careful in what they say." Right, right. Like the stress of unemployment and divorce would ever justify raping your own daughter even once! So that's pretty much despicable. Not to mention, what does it matter if he was sexually assaulting his daughter for three months or nine months? He shouldn't have done it at all, EVER!

Worse, the father claims he didn't get any pleasure out of the acts. First of all, bullshit. Secondly, the hell he did. Thirdly, what does that even matter? And fourth, thank God this girl caught her father on camera. The point is, now that he can't deny what he's been doing, he is now shamelessly trying to downplay it.

At any rate, the perp is in the hands of the courts now. We can only hope justice is served. But I'm still appalled that this girl more or less had to do her own forensics. No rape victim should have to gather their own evidence. That's just pathetic. But I'm glad she thought of the webcam.

How responsible do you think victims should be for gathering evidence of their own rape?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

If he didn't enjoy it, why the fuck did it go on for months?
Worthless scumbag.

Paws84 Paws84

Disgusting. How the hell can one physically abuse their child, much less sexually abuse their child? You've gotta be super sick in the head. Either way, kill him off. Dude doesn't deserve to live. One time messing with your kid or 1,000 times....you don't deserve to live.

Jenny Quince

No way should they have to this is the loest of the low and for him to yry and justify what he did is adding more stress and repulsion to what he did , go to a brothel if your that hard up


Candida Pixie-Stix Woodard

I have 2 kids, 2 little boys. I could never imagine anyone ever hurting them, much less doing something like this. Kill the nasty mother fucker off. How could any lawyer even take that case? If I were a lawyer Id rather represent someone who killed someone rather than represent this guy. Its a shame the police didnt do something sooner and that she had to go through being raped again before anything was done. But you know the justice system, he'll probably get off with a slap on the wrist and an EPO saying he cant ever go near her again. The world we live in today is totally fucked up, people are just fucked up in the head!

nonmember avatar Crystol

That is truly disgusting how could her own father be doing that unbelievable and for her to have to take matters in her own hands to get him in trouble for it is a bunch of BS if u are a victim you shouldn't have to do any forensics at all this is crap and that father should be killed or his penis should be chopped off!!!

Mindy Perkins

I'm appalled at the fact the authorities, to include this poor girl's school COUNSELOR didn't take her serious!!! That counselor should loose her job as well! The school I teach at takes all claims by any student seriously and looks into them. This 14 year is got to be one of the bravest I have ever hear to be able to tape this dispicable act because NO ONE believed her. 

Laura Profant Smith

God bless that girl!  She has proven she is strong and a survivor.  I pray she gets the help she needs to deal with this and have a beautiful life going forward.

Heather Goldizen

God Bless That Girl..I hope Courts see it all.I hope and pray she can move one with her life and be her self...

nonmember avatar samantha

Omg! That's sick! He should be tortured then killed! It's crazy that the cops did nothing and that she had to endure the rape again... my little brother was went to prison for 3 years and will forever be on the sex offenders registry because he had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 17. They had no proof just the girl parent's statement! The girl even got on the stand and told the court it was consensual... the justice sytem is a joke! So glad ahe was able to think of the camera though.

nonmember avatar Teri

She should sue them. The counselor and the cop's for not helping her. She is scarred for life due to her father and the others that did not believe her. Because she had to take matters in her own hands. The System may be on her dads side. Because he could say she set him up. But even tho. He is WRONG for what he did. He is a sick man. God help the girl. If he goes to jail or prison. May he get raped.

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