12 Veterans Day Quotes to Salute Our Nation's Heroes

American flagVeterans Day doesn't get the pomp and circumstance of some other holidays. But every year on November 11, we as Americans take the time to recognize the heroes among us. They are the men and women who served in our armed forces. They are the veterans of the United States military.

How do you say thank you to millions of people who have given up years away from friends and family? Pay tribute to people who have risked life and limb so that we can live in the land of the free? Here's a little help -- some of the best quotes about veterans, about patriotism, about heroes.

Number 8 is my favorite, how about you?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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Chicken soup!

nonmember avatar f3nn3c

Umm....there are only 10 quotes here

nonmember avatar Catt

A tribute song written and recorded by Jim Asleson to honor homeless veterans


Bob Swetland

I am a Viet Nam vet feeling now as I did in 1967 when returning to the states' and was actually spit on -inside- the SF airport. Nothing has changed. If not for the fighting in the 'sand box' now, the U.S. people would never acknowledge OUR's. U.S.M.C. grunt.

squir... squirrelml

The saying I remember growing up holds true in my mind today: "Have you hugged a Vet today?"

nonmember avatar Saniya

AMERICA IS THE HOME OF THE Brave & Free wow America is very awesome :)

ahem-... ahem-excuseme

I am a Sgt of Marines and I love my country. I was in Afghanistan with 2/4 Weapons Company in 2011. My God, family and close friends were my saving grace when I returned. However people who don't know me very well, but know I've deployed treated me differently. I had some ask me if I saw dead bodies or would treat me like I was "messed up" now. It made me feel alienated. I don't want any special thanks. It was an honor to serve. I just wanted to be treated normally.

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