3-Year-Old Walks a Mile Down Busy Road to Find Help After Mom's Murder

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busy highwayA mom is dead and her 3-year-old who walked a mile alone down a busy road to get help is being hailed as a hero today. What kind of world are we living in, folks? Cops have named the 3-year-old's father, Johnny Lashawn Shipman, as their chief suspect in the murder of mom Kristi Lynne Delaney.

If it's true, that means a little girl's own father killed her mom and then left her, the 3-year-old, to deal with the aftermath. Alone.

I'm outraged first and foremost by the murder of an innocent woman. Delaney didn't deserve to die. But the horror visited upon a 3-year-old left to deal with her dead mom's body comes in a very close second on the outrage meter.

Cops say the little girl walked all the way to her grandmother's house and told Grandma she couldn't get her mom to wake up. She was lucky to make it that far -- who knows what could have happened to a toddler alone on a busy road. She could have been hit and killed herself! And that would be another death on the monster who left her alone to deal with something even grown-ups aren't prepared to handle.

Cops aren't saying whether she identified her father as the perpetrator, although investigators have said they believe the little girl witnessed the slaying of her mom.

For her sake, I hope she didn't know it was her Dad. It's going to be hard enough growing up without a mom, and if cops are right, her dad is likely looking at a long, long time in jail. In essence, this child will be orphaned if Dad goes to prison.

The trauma of finding her mom's body will stay with her long enough; she doesn't need memories of her dad doing the deed to haunt her too.

The search is on for the dad, who has an arrest record that includes battery, burglary, and drug charges, plus orders of protection filed against him by the mom. Here's hoping they can bring him in soon.

What do you think should be the punishment here?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

There's no adequate punishment for this. How horrible for that little girl.

dixie... dixiemama25

bless that little girl and her family. i hope the s.o.b that did it burns in the lowest pit of hell

Michael Weldon

A guy who would do that is not safe to ever have in society again.  Put him down.

MamaY... MamaYankee

Wow I couldn't even finish reading this story. That is so upsetting.

Ally Swarrow

I can't believe people let her walk that far without picking her up. I would have picked her right up on the side of the road, and asked where she needed to go.

ajslight ajslight

The article says it's her boyfriend they think killed her, no where in the article does it say this guy is the little girls father.  It is all together very sad, and I pray that little girl has family who love her and will step up and raise.  

Cathy Hayes Williamson

We must have read a different article because it says the three year-olds father is the main suspect @ajslight. So sad....

Debra Lemke-Griffith

First of all I find it amazing that a 3 year old could walk that far and know where her grandmother lives, she is a very smart little girl. As far as the childs father being the lead suspect. Throw the scum in jail and throw away the key. Let the big boys get at him. Scumbag!!!

Diamond Lynn Dukes

death....... we have got to start making these people realize that when someone has a court order to stay away. you stay away. if you come back,jail time, kill the other person, Death sentence. it might make someone think twice.that piece of paper means nothing to so many because they go back and no one does anything. Death sentence.

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