White House Bullies Cancer Patient Over Her Critique of Obamacare

Ahh, President Obama ... the great Uniter in Chief. Or something. Remember when President Hopey-Changey was going to usher us into an era of butterflies and rainbows and free medical care for all? Things aren’t exactly working out like that, are they?

The Obama Administration seems to have a tough time facing failure. Take senior communications strategist Dan Pfeiffer, who took to Twitter on Monday to bully a woman with stage-4 gallbladder cancer. The White House is now belittling a cancer patient. That’s what we’ve come to, America.


Edie Littlefield Sundby wrote a gut-wrenching piece in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, explaining in easy-to-understand language exactly how the Affordable Care Act is forcing her out of her “world class” health care plan that has kept her alive for the last seven years.

Because of the new regulations in Obamacare, her insurance company can no longer afford to keep her covered. To get a similar plan with another company, her rates will go up 50 percent or more. And there’s no exchange she can purchase in California that will allow her to keep both her life-saving care at Stanford and her emergency care and primary physicians in San Diego.

This suuuuuucks. And rather than recognizing that we have a serious problem here if the president’s landmark health care reform package is keeping cancer patients from getting the care they need to survive, leftists at Think Progress blamed her insurance company for dropping her coverage.

That’s kind of like my landlord coming in and doubling my rent, and then blaming me for not paying it for selfish financial reasons. Um, ok ...

But free speech! I know, I know. Think Progress has every right to share its backwards logic with the world and point fingers at the victims instead of the perpetrators. Can’t take that right away or it wouldn’t be America.

You know who shouldn’t be bullying the victim? The Obama Administration. Dan Pfeiffer tweeted a link to the Think Progress piece with the title, “The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance.”

Wow. So Obamacare makes it impossible for insurance companies to continue offering the same plans at the same rates as they have been, forcing customers to find less adequate care, and all of a sudden it’s the insurers’ fault? And telling a stage-4 cancer patient who is part of the 2 percent alive more than five years after her type of diagnosis, who has done impeccable research on the matter, and quite possibly may die now because she can’t get care that she’s wrong?

I really think someone should have looked up the definition of unity before Team Obama started using it as a slogan.

Who do you think is to blame for the skyrocketing costs of insurance?


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