Father Accused of Hiring Someone to Beat & Rape His 11-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

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How sick can some people be?! Just when you thought you've heard it all, a man has been arrested after being accused of posting an ad online looking for someone to beat and rape an 11-year-old girl. Who happened to be his daughter. The man, 32-year-old Anthony Brinkman, was with the girl at a Cracker Barrel in Missouri when he was apprehended just before the sick, twisted crime was planned to take place.

It's not yet clear how this was discovered, but my guess is that someone saw the post and reported it. At any rate, a cop reportedly posed as the guy who would do the disgusting deed and met up with Brinkman and his daughter at the restaurant. But instead he was arrested.

Allegedly, the man's plan was to have someone beat and rape his daughter while he watched. At least one report says he wanted the person to assault his daughter with sex toys -- and that the person he hired was a woman. Thank god police were able to intervene.

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Police plan to bring up Brinkman, who is now in jail on bond, on charges of sex trafficking of a minor. Police won't say where the girl is now, but if she is with her mother, that woman is presumably in a state of utter horror and shock right now.

I can't imagine what the little girl was thinking seeing her father be arrested in front of her -- would she have known why? Who will tell her? Her trust in adults -- in men -- is going to be shattered. Should she be told??

Has this guy pulled any other shit like this on her? This is just horrific beyond words.

Should this little girl ever be told her father's alleged plan?

Image via KSDK.com

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zombi... zombiemommy916

No words...except, I hope every man he's imprisoned with has full knowledge of what he's in for.

dearg76 dearg76

Thank God that sick SOB has been found and didn't get to follow through on his plans. I just can't understand people that do sick things like that. I really don't know if I would tell the girl, if it was my daughter I would want to protect her from the b******. I don't know if not telling her is the right thing to do or not but unfortunatly this day and age, she will find out. You can't hide that sort of thing forever - especially since she is old enought to know and remember his name and the arrest.

cmjaz cmjaz

The linked article just says 'female relative'. Is there another article with more information?

Daisy Gonzalez

Simply hang him by the balls!

Christine Klug- Arnold

How do we know that this is not just hype? I mean; do we know 100% that the dad was indeed the one who posted the "supposid" add, or did someone know of perhaps a scheduled dad/daughter lunch, and hence formulate this to take place as to make it appear as if he was the "one" who planned all this?? is this just speculation, fact, fiction, or someone trying to get even with him?  we are all so fast to Judge something before we know ALL the facts; wow what if he had NO idea about any of this... what if... would YOU want to be arrested in front of your child if you had NO clue about any of this sick business??? Judged guilty before your day to prove yourself innocent???  I know things like this, and much worse happen everyday; this doesn't mean EVERYONE accused of something like this is really guilty; if he is guilty then he deserves all he get's, if he is innocent.... this just ruined his life anyhow... vengence is NOT ours saith the Lord.      I am NOT sticking up for him as I do not know if he did, or didnt do this.... I do know what it is like however as I was raped at age 4 many times over in the ensueing years...... Still; let the evidence (not circumstantial) show his guilt!!

Silvana Friedman

"He said he was sorry and that he was stupid"

Sounds like he was behind it to me. You might want to click on the article and read the whole story.

Cassidy Wohlhueter

Why the HELL do you post garbage like this. True, I had the choice to actually waste 2 minutes of life reading and destroying a huge piece of myself. Whether he did it or not, the fact that the "news" is relating these stories to the public is why this country is so messed up in the first place!

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