Innocent Trick-or-Treaters Given Graphic Propaganda With Their Candy (VIDEO)

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anti-abortion card with candyIn case you're in the mood to read something so completely so wackadoodle your head may explode, check it out ... While some parents in North Dakota were contending with their self-righteous neighbor hell-bent on fat-shaming children, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, parents were "treated" to anti-abortion cards in their kids' candy haul!

Imagine digging in your daughter's pillow case for a Snickers and coming out with a card displaying a fetus that declares, "I am not a clump of cells. I am a human being." Err, how 'bout fun-size Skittles? Nope, here's another card that says, "Am I not human?" SO insaaaaane!

The only thing that makes sense about this revolting move is the timing: The local news station points out that the city is having a special election on November 19 to vote on a referendum that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the city on the (false) grounds that at 20 weeks, a fetus can feel pain.

However, the group spearheading the referendum, called Protect ABQ Women and Children, claims they are not behind this horrifying Halloween trick. Instead, residents trace the cards back to a woman whose house is decorated with anti-abortion signs. When a local news station tried to speak with her, she refused to go on camera and said if people still choose to ring her doorbell and ask for candy on Halloween, she has a right to share her beliefs. Coo coo!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a wingnut. No matter where you stand on this controversial, sensitive topic, under no circumstances is it okay or acceptable or tolerable to go on the attack by targeting little trick or treaters on Halloween. There are appropriate times and places, and this was NEITHER of those. Because let's be honest: It's not like there are that many people who are on the fence on abortion, and are those who are actually going to be swayed like this?! Notsomuch.

I'm sure most parents who even agree with this woman politically are enraged that she did this to their kids. It's sick. I can only hope this served as a warning for parents to keep their little ones from ever knocking on this real life witch's door!

What do you think of this woman's assertion that if kids come to her door, she has a right to share her beliefs?

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adamat34 adamat34

People love to ruin shit

keelh... keelhaulrose

You have to indoctronate them while they're young, right?

One of many reasons to check Halloween candy before kids go through it. Throw out the trash.

wamom223 wamom223

I just don't get it.  Any of this year's Halloween craziness.  After watching the news I was watching for craziness everywhere.  We went to a house that I believed are Christian zealots because of all the stuff in their yard so I watched what my son got and they gave him one piece of candy and a tiny bible.  Now they have scripture on a sign in their front yard so this shouldn't have come to a shock to anyone and it didn't bother me.  This thing though with a card and inappropriate pictures is uncalled for and indefensible.  I am very very very anti-abortion but I don't want my kid seeing things like that, he's five!!!  If I lived in that neighborhood I'd remember to skip that house.

Katha... Katharine205

She is %100 percent right...whether you agree with her or not she is entitled to her beliefs and when you (or your children as it may be) come begging for candy at her door she's entitled to share those beliefs.  You don't have to like it, if you don't then next year avoid her house.  She has anti-abortion propoganda all over the outside of her house?  Should of been your first clue.  The handouts had pictures of unborn babies as they look in the womb, not bloody aborted fetus'.  I wonder how many people who are up in arms about this would be completely cool with the doll murder exhibit that someone did an article on here about last week?

abra819 abra819

Katharine, it's fucking halloween!!!!! Trick or treaters = kids. Just pass out candy and keep your opinions away from my kid. Omg, you're a complete idiot.

nonmember avatar Kat

abra819, classic example of ignorance. You're calling her an idiot for expressing her opinion? Take a look in the mirror. As for myself, while I understand people not wanting their kids having other peoples opinions "shoved" down their throats, the pictures were NOT offensive.

Robin Hartman

I wouldn't mind. It would be a conversation starter with my 3 kids ages 5, 7 and 8. This is what abortion is, some people are for it and some people are not. Explaining how everyone has different opinions. No big deal.

wamom223 wamom223

@Katharine-She has a right to her beliefs but this was still classless.  This is why so many parents are doing Trunk or Treat instead of going door to door.  As my son's parent I should be the one to decide when we discuss something as grown up as abortion.  I do agree with you though that if she had a ton of signs in her yard why would you even go up there?

nonmember avatar Daniel

Sign a petition to make this sort of behavior illegal.

Elaine Cox

and if this was pro choice stuff...maressa would be yelling free speech...

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