Man Linked to Child Sex Crimes by DNA Has Mind-Boggling Defense

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If your DNA ever links you to a series of horrific crimes, you're screwed. Unless you just happen to have the single most fortuitous twist working in your favor to cast some doubt on a DNA trail. And that is that somewhere out there, there happens to be someone with your exact DNA. Your twin! Thirty-two-year-old Aaron Lucas' DNA reportedly links him to a series of child sex crimes. But Aaron has a mind-boggling way of pointing the blame elsewhere -- he says his twin brother, Brian, is the real sex pervert. It's a plot straight out of ID channel's Evil Twins.

Aaron, who is an Army officer, has been linked to sexual assaults on children in three states. Prosecutors say that the child victims would be attacked after being lured into interaction with promises of ice cream and money.

But Aaron's defense attorney is putting forth the "evil twin" defense -- saying that Aaron's brother Brian is the real culprit in many of the crimes. Brian has not been charged with anything.

This is one of those extremely rare scenarios where DNA is anything but a slam dunk, given that identical twins share DNA. So imagine you are a twin and your brother or sister has been accused of a terrible crime and he or she is suddenly pointing in your direction as the real criminal.

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And imagine the reverse: That cops have your DNA linked to several horrible crimes -- but you KNOW you didn't do it. Could it have been your twin? If so, how can you prove that?

One of these guys is lying, but who?

Before science got to the point where DNA could solve crimes, it was left to good old-fashioned detective work. There is no doubt that DNA has been a boon to the world of criminal investigation. But it can't be the only thing that gets a conviction.

Hopefully there is some other evidence in this case. But with the brothers also looking exactly alike, eyewitness accounts won't help much either. There does reportedly appear to be some circumstantial evidence that doesn't bode well for Aaron: Such as that the attacks began after he moved to the area and stopped when he was deployed in Afghanistan. (His lawyer might argue that a clever twin could have set that up.)

Cops just got double the trouble on this case.

Do you think this guy should be able to have his brother investigated too based on his sharing the same DNA?


Image via El Paso Sheriff's Department

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Graca... Gracalynsmom

He goes to war the  attacks stop.He comes home and moves around and the assualt's follow him?! He is his own evil twin.

nonmember avatar Kirk

If he is a military officer, why hasn't he been ordered to take a polygraph?

Melinda San Martin

There are ways to find out the truth. For one they can put both men on a machine and show them pornograph in such ways were with a pedophile the brain waves and activity go through the roof.In a normal person such acts do not arouse them so.....yeah other ways to find out who really is the offender.

Vamp Vamp

Any fingerprints? those are different even with identical twins


Bridget Kay Casey

The inocent brother should be able to establish an aliby with records like work, doctor appointments ect....  They will be able to prove this case one way or the other.


Bobbi Depetro

Well considering that Aaron is an Army Officer all they would have to do is see if his wherabouts at the times of the crimes would match up, otherwise they need to start looking at his brother, which is something they should do anyways considering that they both have the same dna, it isn't about just pinning a crime on SOMEONE and locking them away, that SOMEONE should be the right culprit or the crime will only happen again, and considering that the victims are children that is a gamble the system shouldn't take.

Danielle Folk

This is an exact episode from Law and order SVU. The twin knew where his brother was at all times and set him up. When his brother was out of town, he would stop. They set up a sting keeping the one brother in jail but had a press conference saying they let him out on bail and then caught the other brother in the act.

nonmember avatar Jenn

lol @ Melinda San Martin... you've been watching waaaaay too much CSI! Regardless of whether a test like that could be administered, that would never pass for evidence in a court of law.

Joseph Reid

here's a scary thought, what if they share same character traits as well ,which is common in identical twins. what if both of them are guilty. Or is one twin going to help the other out by casting reasonable doubt on a jury. I read one comment about finger prints being different, hopefully they have some of those as evidence either way it is going to be hard to bring the corret person to justice if the brothers are cooperating with each other.

Karen Isham

I am a twin there are ways to break down the DNA or even blood cells to determine amunity and they can also check via meds they are on through samples to determine if they truely wanted to.. Our DNA is the the by our illnesses and meds are not check that.

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