Father & Stepmother Charged After Young Girl Is Found in Trash Can

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10 year old burnedA Georgia father and stepmother have been charged with murder after the former called 9-1-1 and reported he was suicidal and that his 10-year-old daughter drank some kind of chemical and was dead. When police came to his home, they found the child's body in a garbage can where it had been badly burned. 

The child was identified as Emani Moss while the father, Eman Moss, and the stepmother, Tiffany Moss, have both been charged with murder, cruelty to children, and concealing a body. Of course, that really explains nothing.

What a sickening, horrible story.


At this time not further details are known, but both the father and stepmother are in jail. Did they change their minds at the last minute about trying to hide it? Is there some truth to the idea that the daughter hurt herself? It seems unlikely.

This is yet another case of horrific child abuse that makes the news and just feels so awful. Why do people do such awful things? To throw a young girl away like she was trash? It's too awful to contemplate.

One can only hope this "father" and his wife get exactly what they deserve if they are convicted of this horrific crime.

What kind of punishment do you think fits this kind of crime?


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supam... supamom009

How about we put them in a trash can and burn them alive? What inthe heck is wrong with these people.?!

team-... team-rodriguez

God bless that poor baby may she rest in heaven and in peace

Hlynne Hlynne

Very sad story .  Bless this child's memory as she sits upon the Lords lap and knows no pain .   I'm sadden tho think this small child is no longer on this earth but i have to wonder if she had lived what torment she would have come to know .  These people are animals and should be treated as such ...

Cat Chavez

I think people like that should get the same thing done to them sitting in jail doesn't do anything there are a lot of people in this world that cant have babies give to them and u know they will b taken care of or just keep your legs sclosed so tired of hearing things about kids I have 4 beautiful girls and I would do anything to protect them

eem8605 eem8605

It breaks my heart that people that are supposed to love their children and keep them safe can harm them intentionally. R.I.P. sweet angel! 

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