Suspect Accused of Kidnapping Small Girl From Her Own Bedroom Finally Caught

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SnorskyAn 8-year-old girl from Aurora, Colorado is lucky to be alive this week after a man slit the screen on her bedroom window and tried to take her from her bed earlier this week. Police had been on the lookout for a suspect and now they have one. Twenty-six-year-old John Stanley Snorsky Jr. is accused of committing the crime.

Allegedly, Snorsky went into her room around midnight last week and the 8-year-old girl managed to escape by yelling and screaming. She managed to wriggle free and by that time her father had heard the commotion and was outside. When he tried to confront the suspect, he fled.

The word terrifying can't even begin to cover this crime.

As parents we try everything we can to make sure our children know about stranger danger and how to protect themselves from men with candy or puppies who try to lure them away from us. But most of us never consider the possibility that ANY predator would be brazen enough to try to kidnap our children from our own homes. Now we get a new fear.

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Snorsky appears to be an artist who does nude self portraits, including many of himself being chained up and having his flesh torn away by birds. His own childhood sounds like a series of foster homes and abandonment and while that's sad, it's no excuse. This story is the kind that will haunt parent's nightmares.

As for this little girl, she is back with her parents and her bravery and ability to do what needed to be done actually saved her life. May all of our children be so smart should they ever (God forbid) face something like this.

Do you teach your kids about situations like these as well as "stranger danger"?


Image via Aurora Police




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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I talk with my daughter all the time about this. Sometimes, if I see something on the news or if she asks me about something particularly harsh I sit her down and we have "real world" talks. I'm confident she'd know what to do in a situation like this, but the thought of it gives me chills. Her parents are very fortunate to have suc a quick thinking child.

Lane-... Lane-Moja

I would be co-sleeping after that!


The only ones who gives a crap about his "sad" childhood are going to be his court appointed attorneys giving an opening that he only wanted a family and thought that he could be a father to this girl and oh, he has mental illness.Gather all these pos and dump them all together and let the games begin. It would be birds pulling flesh.

Alway... AlwaysRightMom

"Now we have a new fear." Have you lost your mind? Predators have been climbing through windows to rob, rape, kidnap and kill since the invention of windows.

Emmie25 Emmie25

its not new. i remember when i was around 7 (almost 20 years ago) a lady came up to me and asked directions to Macys, after i told her how to get there she tried to get me to go with her. i kept saying no and turned around to go back in the house.i remember she looked scared and rail thin so i dont know if she was being forced into it or not.

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