Soldier Watches Helplessly Over FaceTime as Pregnant Wife is Stabbed by Intruder

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Imagine you are chatting with your pregnant wife over FaceTime when suddenly an intruder who broke into the house attacks her-- and there is nothing you can do because you are thousands of miles away, serving in the military overseas. This is the horrific scenario that happened to the soldier husband of 31-year-old Rachel Poole, who was attacked by 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss as they were on the phone. At the time, Poole was nine months pregnant and due to give birth any moment.

It all started when Corey Bernard Moss allegedly broke into Rachel's home over an argument they'd been having because he owed her money. Not finding her home, he decided to hide until she got back. When she returned to the house, she began FaceTiming with her husband, Justin, who is stationed in southwest Asia.

Moss then allegedly came out from hiding began stabbing and beating Rachel, who recognized him and screamed his name as her husband listened to the whole awful ordeal. After stabbing Rachel multiple times, Moss reportedly fled the scene.

Meanwhile, Justin was able to call colleagues to alert them that Moss would be returning to the military base. Rachel was able to call 911.

Moss has been arrested and Rachel, who suffered broken bones and stab wounds, is recovering in the hospital. But, tragically, the young military wife and mother may have lost an eye in the attack. Reportedly, her husband wrote on Facebook that Rachel asked him if this was a "dealbreaker" for him. He then replied that "My wife is my wife until I'm no longer breathing."

I can't imagine the horror he went through watching that -- and feeling like there was nothing he could do so far away. Thank goodness everyone is alive. Justin and Rachel have been reunited. And the baby has been born and is doing fine. Her name is Isabella.


Have you ever felt helpless to help someone you love?


Image via Prayers and Updates for Rachel Poole/Flickr

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Kediset Kediset

what a loser :x in any case, it's a shame about her eye but thank goodness her unborn child survived the ordeal and now in this world (:

daisy... daisybaby91

This is horrible! Glad her and the baby are alive and her husband is a good man.

nonmember avatar emily

oh god thank god the baby is alright


An eye for an eye. Poetic justice.

nonmember avatar Camille

No, the attacker owed her husband money. It's not that hard to write an article based on another article.

Panda... PandaPop83

That is horrible. I can't imagine what her husband went through, just watching and not able to do anything. This guy must be at the lowest class of losers if he feels the need to beat and stab a pregnant woman. Such a man... NOT! Loser!

Catherine Diane Brody

I have felt helpless many times, especially where my husband is concerned currrently weith his medical problems

hopea... hopealways4019

She ask husband was that a dealbreaker? He watched her get her behind kick senseless. That would have been horrible, if he said "yes dealbreaker" I no longer want to be marriedto you, now that you have one eye.

June C Dobson

so very happy the wife and unborn baby made it,,he so easily could have murdered both the mother and the wee baby,terrible about her eye but i'm sure she'd rather that then the other 2 alternatives,,things like this should never happen and unless this moron gets more than a slap on the wrists,he will be doing it again to someone else who may not be so lucky,congratulations on the safe birth of your daughter Isabella,beautiful name. <3

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