Man Lost in Wilderness for 3 Months Saves Himself with Gut-Wrenching Decision

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If you were stranded in the wilderness, your supplies gone, and you were about to starve to death, could you kill your best friend? That's the heartbreaking dilemma one man faced when he found himself trapped in the Canadian wilderness with no food. At the beginning of his planned three month trek, Marco Lavoie, who was hiking with his best pal, his dog, had his camp rations and canoe destroyed by a bear. But his faithful pooch saved his life by chasing the bear off. He would be "rewarded" three days later by having his own life taken -- by his beloved owner.

Starving, his body shutting down, Lavoie made the gut-wrenching decision to take his pooch's life and eat him. He reportedly killed him with a rock. Survival experts say it's the only way he could have possibly survived. One told the Toronto Sun:

He survived because he made good decisions. Eating his dog was one of them. You have to be desperate, but there's no shame in [eating the dog]. He had to use reason.

Experts said by the time he killed his dog, his body was probably devouring itself with hunger. When he was found by rescuers after three months in the woods, he had lost half his body weight, was suffering from hypothermia, and couldn't speak. He is currently in the hospital.

This is definitely a decision I would not want to make. My pets are like my family, and I simply could not imagine eating my family. However, when you are starving to death, you're not really thinking. You go into survival mode, and experts say that means you will eat just about anything, including slugs and bugs.

Or dogs.

What a terrible thing this man went through having to eat his faithful pooch, the one who saved his life from a bear. It would make an interesting movie though. Only the dog would have to come back to life somehow!

Could you ever eat your pet?

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nonmember avatar MamaBearD

The title of this blog is sensationalist and misleading. This is not cannibalism; it's survival. A dog is not a person. He did the right thing, the only thing he could do in that situation. I'm sorry for the dog, but for you to second-guess and judge this man is ludicrous. I hope he recovers fully and is able to get past the trauma of the situation. I'm sure he will feel bad enough without people like you judging his actions.

miche... micheledo

I agree with the previous poster.  

I was sickened thinking that some man killed his friend in order to survive.  But no, thankfully it was his pet.  I am thankful he survived.  I hope he recovers and doesn't have to deal with being judged by other people for his actions.

keelh... keelhaulrose

"Disgusting decision"? It's a crappy choice, but it's survival. I'm not going to judge a man for doing what he had to in order to survive.
My in laws raise cattle and other farm animals from when they are born until it's time to go to the butcher. Some of the animals are friendly, but they're still sent to the butcher. A dog isn't usually consumed in this country, but meat is meat, especially when you're dying.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^^ 100% agreed to all of the above. What a ridiculous title. I guess it made us all read the article and comment though, which was her whole intent to begin with.

daisy... daisybaby91

I couldnt eat my dog.

nonmember avatar Marina

I felt quesy reading this. Was there no wildlife in the area he could have killed with that rock? I just can't imagine eating my best friends. I know he was stuck with that choice, but can you imagine the betrayal for that poor dog? The very dog that was loyal enough to risk its life to save this man. He may have lived, but I pity how I'm sure that decision will haunt him later.

mama_... mama_lion2012

It truly is heartbreaking I'm sure he will be sad about it for a long time and never forget his Loyal dog But he survived And I know a lot of people say I could not eat my own dog Or any dog for that matter but put yourself in that situation It is something anyone would have done in a time of desperation

Panda... PandaPop83

I'd say no, but I bet this guy thought he couldn't do it either. In my sane mind, I know there is no way I'd eat my dog. But even as I had to kill him to survive, myself, I'd cry the whole way through. That is a very sad situation to be in.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Why even write this article?

hopea... hopealways4019

I thought they was gonna say he killed his human friend. I wouldnt eat my cats sparkle ormittens . Disgusting! I would have ate a tree , grass,

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