Cab Driver Returns $340K to Passengers Then Does Something Even Better

Faith in humanity restored! After a cab driver drove an elderly couple home from a bank in Bavaria, Germany, he noticed that they had left something behind -- a fat wad of cash.

How much cash? The couple left behind about $340,000 in the taxi. That’s enough to buy a new house, a new luxury car, and have enough left over for an iPad or three! But the best part of this story is that the cab driver not only returned the cash to the couple, he didn’t want or expect a reward either.


After Thomas Güntner drove the couple home, he noticed that they had left a cloth bag sitting on the back seat of his car. When he looked inside, he was shocked to find €250,000 in €500 notes -- the equivalent of about $340,000 in the U.S.

He totally could have kept it. It was cash, after all. But this do-gooder did the right thing and drove back to the couple’s home and returned the money. He said that the woman was “white as a sheet” and that she said he “saved her life” by returning it.

She told reporters, “I’m still shocked.”

All said and done, the driver only collected a $17 cab fare -- the amount for his round trip back to the couple’s home.

Well done, sir!

Have you ever had something valuable returned to you after you lost it?

Image via Colin Anderson/Corbis

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