Boy Dangled From Overpass by Drunk Clown in Real-Life Halloween Nightmare

Antonio BrownA drunk man, dressed like a clown, drags two children into the woods. He forces them to drink alcohol until they throw up. When one child tries to flee, the man dangles him off of an overpass. The drunk clown threatens the boy. He says the next time he tries anything funny -- he'll drop him.

It sounds like something out of a terrifying, Halloween-appropriate movie. Unfortunately for two young boys, ages 8 and 13, in Wisconsin, it was all too real. Here I was thinking that clowns couldn't get any scarier. Oy.


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The 'It' wanna-be in question? Antonio Brown, 33, identified as the boyfriend of the mom to the two boys whom he spent his evening terrifying. Whether or not he set out to deliberately hurt the children isn't known, but alcohol certainly played a part in his actions, whatever his intentions. Ugh, why couldn't he just have stayed at the party rather than go looking for little kids to endanger?

The boys say that when Brown returned to their home drunk from a Halloween party, he asked the boys if they'd like to go walk on the train tracks with him. To any children reading -- never go for a walk on the train tracks! Ever! The kids were like, "Uh, okay?" Apparently they'd done this with Brown before, because he is an excellent role model.

But I'm guessing it wasn't at 2 a.m. the last time they'd gone with Brown. Before too long the boys knew something wasn't right and made enough noise that a neighbor called 911 -- which probably saved the lives of both boys. Brown is now in custody and being charged with child endangerment. As if this whole ordeal wasn't terrifying enough, now we've got two kids who had clowns made even more scary than they were to begin with. Let's hope this jerk didn't ruin Halloween for the boys forever. 

Can you imagine what the mom must be feeling -- knowing her boyfriend did this!?


Image via Kenosha County Police

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