Bus Driver Saves the Day After Noticing Something ‘Unusual’ on the Road


And in news to make you smile, an upstate New York bus driver quite possibly saved a woman’s life earlier this month. A couple of weeks ago, 37-year-old Darnell Barton was driving a bus full of high school students when he saw something not right on the road.

A woman was on the wrong side of the guardrail on the Scajaquada Expressway overpass. He later recalled, “It didn’t seem real because [of] what was going on around; traffic and pedestrians were going by as normal.” Barton also described the woman as “distraught” and “really disconnected.”

He pulled over the bus and approached her, repeatedly asking if she was ok.

“She turned back to look at me and then back at the traffic and that’s when I kind of lunged and got my left arm around her body,” Barton told the Buffalo News. “I asked her, ‘Do you want to come on this side of the guard rail now?’ and that was the first time she spoke to me and said, ‘Yeah.’”

He apparently pulled her over the rail, and sat with her until the police and firefighters arrived. A transit authority spokesman said,

“Darnell won’t tell you this, but when he went back on his bus, the McKinley students gave him a round of applause … that’s because of Darnell’s modesty, which speaks to his demeanor of being very humble.”

Faith in humanity restored. I hope this woman gets the help that she needs, because contemplating taking your own life is never a trivial matter.

Do you suspect that any of your loved ones suffer from depression?

Please call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in case you are worried about yourself or someone else.


Image via Simon Montgomery/Corbis

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nonmember avatar NoWay

He may not have only saved her life, but he may have saved lives of the people below. Someone jumping off of an overpass into oncoming traffic on a busy highway can cause a major accident and cause more people to be injured or killed. It would also be traumatic to anyone witnessing this act or actually running over her. Good for the bus driver for acting on instict and not just letting "someone else" deal with it.

Julie Young Dalby

PLEASE don't let this bus driver get into trouble for leaving the students unattended on the bus now!!!!

nonmember avatar Alaina

He was not a normal bus driver, he was a NFTA Metro bus driver in Buffalo, NY. In Buffalo, Most high school students are transported via Metro bus and rail.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Hes not going to get any heat for it. The NFTA have hailed him as a hero. Theres a reason Buffalo is the city of good neighbors.

Beth3721 Beth3721

Good for him.  We had a person in our area jump off an overpass into traffic less than a year ago.  People called in reporting her walking through traffic, but no one stopped to help her.  A young man hit her after she jumped.  It was so sad.  I'm glad this lady was saved and hope she gets help.

Marin... Marine101

Sad when we have to resort to the internet to restore our faith in humanity. 

ajslight ajslight

He wasn't a school bus driver, he was a metro bus driver.  Seems like almost every article I read on this site, never has the full truth.

Kristen Owen

The writer never said that he was a school bus driver. She said he was driving a bus full of high school students. Sad story none-the-less.

nonmember avatar Skye

This story is not correct. It wasn't a school bus driver but a city bus driver.....

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