Parents Who Let Adopted Daughter Freeze to Death Still Expect a Break

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Hana WilliamsYou can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink. And apparently you can sentence parents to nearly 30 years in prison, but you can't make them feel responsible for allowing the little girl he adopted from Ethiopia to freeze to death. Larry and Carri Williams of Washington State have both been sentenced to around 30 years in prison -- Larry a little less than his wife -- for the death of 13-year-old daughter Hana Williams.

The Williamses were convicted last month for repeated abuse of Hana and an adopted brother, Immanuel, reportedly based on the teachings of "Christian" parenting book To Train Up a Child. Both children were whipped, starved, and neglected, to the point that authorities had a hard time putting an exact age on Hana when she was found face-down in the family's backyard in 2011, dead of hypothermia.

So what does Larry Williams have to say about his conviction?

Don't blame him! He was at work when wife Carri used the teachings in the parenting book to abuse their kids! Really. That's what David was crying after his conviction, telling the judge to go after Carri and not him. 

Folks, it doesn't get much more delusional. Usually a manslaughter conviction is a wake-up call!

His kids were starved and beaten. One of them died.

And we're supposed to believe that none of it happened on his watch ... so he's off the hook, even though he didn't intervene to save his daughter's LIFE!?

Not on your life, buddy. Now, the good news here is that it didn't work. Carri Williams was sentenced Tuesday to just under 37 years, the top of the standard sentencing range, but Larry got 28 years for his part.

But Carri's already appealing, and Larry's lawyers have been pushing for a new trial. Would it kill these people to show a little bit of remorse? Their daughter is dead, and all they care about is getting out of prison?

I'm not sure there really is any way to change our justice system to make people repent for their crimes. We wouldn't have nearly as many criminals in jail if people had a moral compass to begin with. But I do wonder if there shouldn't be some extra way to turn the screws on people like the Williamses, people who do the worst things and still seem to think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

What do you think should be done with the Williamses? Are these sentences enough?


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nonmember avatar mel

It never seems like enough of a sentence. But we don't fully have the resources to house these killers and as many as there are we don't have the resources to help them get better mentally. Plus we live in a country that expects punishment not rehabilitation. We really don't have the resources when we spend billions on war. But it's much better to fund a a war than keep killers and rapists off the streets here , where we live... right ..

nonmember avatar Karen

What a crying shame!! What a vibrant beautiful girl she was. She looked so full of life. Can't even begin to understand why theses people would ever do such horrible things. The adopted mom was probably jealous of this precious girl. I can only hope someday they go to hell for what they have done. Very disturbing!!

fave82 fave82

@MEL, Some people can not be "rehabilitated". I personally think the death penalty should be used more often. But I'll settle for keeping these people away from the rest of us.


Draw and quarter would be nice but we aren't in the "dark ages",unfortunately for these two. I don't know why people like these adopt in the first place.

Pixie030 Pixie030

I remember when this story first came out on that little girl, so sad. That article also led me to learn about the other thing going on with these adopted kids that is just as horrible.. The "rehoming" for money scheme Americans have been doing with these kids.. Adopting them from other countries and once they are in America and the adopted parents decide for whatever reason that they don't like the kids they got they sell them off on internet sites dedicated to it and just as we would fear the kids are just given to criminals and pedophiles to try and survive. Why can't people treat these poor kids right, both biological and adopted I get so sick of seeing stories about tortured children.

Sandyaka Rustyrusty

How are these people even able to adopt these kids? Has the regulation of adopting gone laxed?

adopt... adoption2013

Anyone who knew that they were doing this needs to be in jail as the author of the book.  Those poor kids.  Does the US let just anyone adopt?  I went through rigorous screening and training.   I wanted my little girl more than anything.    

nonmember avatar life is cruel

There are people like this in the world & yet my husband and I can't seem to start a family.

gmbarksd gmbarksd

they both deserve life sentences. did the poor child look emaciated only when the father was at work?

rache... rachelv817

To Train up a Child is a strict book, but the Pearls would not condone this. People take the book beyond what it intends. You can't blame the authors for people's psychosis. The Pearls have raised a number of children to happy adulthoods. I am just a fan of the book, and appalled that some people take it so far as to cause damage or even death to these previous children.

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