Twisted Mom With Deviant 'Parenting Plan' Gets What She Deserves

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The mother who was arrested for her deviant "parenting plan" that involved giving birth to two children so she and her husband could rape them has been sentenced to 54 years in prison. Defense attorneys hoped for less time, arguing that Sarah Adleta was manipulated by her ex-husband, Jonathan Adleta, but after even Sarah's own father begged for the maximum, Sarah was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 27 years. The judge said the case was "particularly egregious" and the crimes were the most "horrific" he had ever seen.

Sarah was arrested in Orlando, Florida after sending photos of herself naked and performing sex acts with her two young children. Her 4-year-old daughter was so traumatized by a lifetime of abuse from both of her parents that authorities say she had the developmental capabilities of an 18-month-old and displayed such out-of-control sexualized behavior that she had to be removed from a foster home.

Sarah testified that she married Jonathan, a Marine who was awarded a Purple Heart for his time in Afghanistan, despite the fact that he was already interested in "daddy daughter" sex and told her he wouldn't marry her unless she agreed to his plan to commit incest on any children they had. She reportedly said she agreed to this because she was financially dependent on Jonathan and "loved" him.

After giving birth to two children, first a boy and then a girl, sexual abuse became part of their "parenting plan."

After the couple divorced, Sarah reportedly kept allowing her ex-husband to abuse her daughter. He even reportedly abused the girl while spending the holidays with his new girlfriend, Samantha Bryant, and her 4-year-old daughter, whom he was also abusing. Bryant testified in this case and it is unclear if she is also facing charges, as she testified that she also abused her daughter at Jonathan's behest.

Sarah begged for mercy from the judge, saying she was manipulated by her ex and will be "haunted" by her actions. Wow. She certainly values her own quality of life, despite not valuing that of her children at all. And how exactly does someone manipulate you into such egregious crimes? There is no amount of manipulation that would make most moms do what this woman did. What of the haunting memories her children will have?! Seems rather typical that she would be thinking of herself.

But even Sarah's own father asked that she be given the max, pleading with the judge and saying, "Sarah, justice is needed."

Since Sarah is 29, she will be 83 by the time she's released if she serves her entire sentence.

Jonathan has also been found guilty and will be sentenced in December. He faces life, and judging by what Sarah got, he should be scared.

Do you think she got a fair sentence?


Image via Seminole County Jail

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Coles... Coles_mom

Doesn't seem long enough. Life, no parole seems fair....or hell...just the death penalty.

Kathy Moore

should have got life sentence -she should have protected her kids at all costs

the4m... the4mutts

By the title of this blog, and the opening paragraph, I thought that maybe someone found like, a written plan for them to have kids, and abuse them, but that it hadnt happened yet.

Once I started reading, it was like a train wreck, and I couldnt stop.... but it disturbed me on a very deep level.

I have no qualms with the tone of your blog, your fact checking, or writing style here. But is there any way, you could please change the title, so readers will be aware before they click, that this involves sexual abuse of children? Some of us just cant handle these things.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Poor little girl, this breaks my heart.@tthe4mutts i thought that too and when i finished reading i was just shocked and disgusted.

Some people should not be able to walk this earth, and now two beautiful children are traumatized for life.

nonmember avatar Ana1120

The news never said that she had sexual behavior of an 18 YEAR old, what the therapists said is that her developmental level is of an 18 MONTH old and she shows sexual behavior..jeez

miche... micheledo

My heart breaks for the children.  With everything they must be dealing with, it will be very difficult for them to find a safe home and lead a real childhood.  :(  Those poor children who will NEVER know what it is like to just be a child.  :(

the4m... the4mutts

Lilith- i hope you checked the other post I commented to you on. I want to apologize once again for making an assumption, before thinking about the kg, stone, lbs difference. It was my bad, and it wont happen again

Jilectan Jilectan

Take them out and shoot them like the rabid monsters they are.

Lilit... Lilith.23

@the4mutts it's all good, i actually cracked up laughing. :p

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