Did President Obama Mislead Americans About the Affordable Care Act?

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Remember back when President Obama promised us that if we liked our health care plan, we could keep our health care plan? Well, he better check his pants, because there’s a good chance they’re on fire, as millions of Americans are about to lose their health insurance.

Repeatedly over the last several years, President Obama has reassured worried Americans that if they were happy with their health care plans, they’d be able to keep them. I guess what he really meant to say was, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan … so long as it meets all the stringent requirements that I decide are necessary, and you’re willing to pay the skyrocketing premiums.”

Now four sources intimately involved in Obamacare (AKA the Affordable Care Act) say that Obama knew in July of 2010 that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy individual health insurance policies can expect a cancellation letter in the next year thanks to new regulations. One expert puts that number as high as 80 percent.

Whoops. You’re not supposed to get caught lying when you’re the president. It’s just bad form.

Of course the spin-doctors are hard at work claiming that Obama didn’t lie, because he really meant that if you have an adequate plan, you’d be able to keep it. You know, because your average, healthy, 30-year-old male needs coverage for his monthly prescription of birth control pills. Or something.

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Look, a lot of people are were very happy paying lower premiums, even if it meant higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket costs. They’re relatively healthy and don’t need a lot of medical attention. They bought insurance in case something bad were to happen, like they got hit by a Budweiser truck filled of beer, or got gored by a bull or something. Or you know, came down with a freak case of cancer or other life-threatening illness that healthy people don’t expect to get.

That’s what insurance is for. It’s insurance. It’s not your fairy godmother. There is no magic wand to wave to magically make doctors want to work for free, and no amount of making people buy something they don’t want is going to make America better.

That’s what’s happening here. If the president thinks he’s smarter than you, than fine. Come out and say, “Your health insurance isn’t good enough, so I think you should have to buy a better plan.” What’s next? Is your car safe enough? Is skiing the double black diamonds too dangerous? Are you drinking too much soda? Oh wait, the soda thing is already happening.

It’s a dangerous game to play when the government decides what’s best for you. It’s even more dangerous when the president knowingly lies about his motives.

How much have your health care premiums gone up since Obamacare went into law?


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nonmember avatar jasdf

Did Bush mislead the American people about the "War on Terror"?

nonmember avatar Crimson Wife

When I was 28, I needed to get an individual plan to tide me over for 6 months between when my previous coverage ended and the coverage at my husband's new job kicked in. I tried to buy a cheaper plan without maternity coverage because I'd just had a baby and even if I had WANTED to get pregnant, it takes my body a year for my cycles to resume. But because of state regulations, I was forced to buy coverage I didn't need or want. Now Obamacare is forcing everyone to do the same.

I read a great analogy somewhere online- it's like being forcibly upgraded from coach to 1st class with the resulting massive price hike. If someone wants just a bare-bones "coach class" policy, the government should not be forcing him/her to shell out for 1st class.

Michael Weldon

Obama and what he didn't know:

-His pastor was a racist P.O.S. in Chicago
-Anything about Bengazi
-That the IRS was targeting Obama's political opponents
-Anything at all about Fast and Furious
-Anything at all about domestic spying done by the NSA
-Anything at all about spying on allies by the NSA
-Anything about how Obamacare will actually work

Is he really that much in the dark, or is he a chronic liar, or is it a bit of both? Between him and Bush we will have had 16 straight of the worst years of presidential leadership in our nation's history. One can only hope the primary voters in 2016 wise up and give us two candidates worth voting for (or at least one).

nonmember avatar JC

"If the president thinks he’s smarter than you, than fine."

I find this mistake ironic.

zandh... zandhmom2

Thank you Michael!  I agree with everything you said.  I hate when complaining about Obama, people threw Bush into it...they both suck!

amber... amberdotsmom

@jasdf  - At some point we have to learn to discuss the topic at hand.  Does it really matter to my insurance right now what Bush did or didn't do with the war on terror?  Will I get a better health plan if Clinton hadn't said he didn't have relations with that women?  Or this must all be Johsons fault for saying that Vietnam was just a police action.  I don't really care what past leaders did - in this discussion if it has nothing at all to do with insurance or health care then it's irrelevent.


Michael Weldon


Thanks.  Most politicians are liars, it cracks me up when anyone defends them as being honest.  That said, at least Clinton and RR were (more or less) decent presidents that kept the country growing so IMHO you don't need to be all that honest to do a decent job in the Oval office. 

16 years of growing population and a shrinking/steady economy (with gigantic debt increases BTW) is a storyline that is headed directly at my children's future.   A country that fails at expensive wars - and keeps starting them - and that creates and continues policies that result in half of the population existing only with their hand out is a country headed for failure.  Our kids deserve better.

work4... work4mickey

Our kids deserve better, but they won't get better. Not as long as bad policy decisions are excused as "compasionate" (regardless of their actual results) and all attempts to add acountability to the welfare system (such as drug testing) are dismissed as "mean spirited."

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Why is Bush being brought into a discussion about insurance? Bush's Presidency is irrelevant in this discussion. Just because he lied about the war on terror it doesnt make President Obama lying about the ACA ok. 

nonmember avatar DaisyDee

They bring Bush into it because they have no valid argument & they can't bring themselves to admit their messiah is a lying liar who cares nothing about the American people.

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