Couple Who Set Up Blind Date Get Most Disgusting Surprise When They Meet

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UPDATE: The publication that initially broke this story has announced that they were hoaxed. Muling City Police have confirmed that the story was fake and fabricated by a reporter with Muling Television. 

In what is one of the craziest, grossest stories to make headlines recently, a man and woman arranged a "sex date" online recently, and when they finally came face to face, they realized they were daughter and father-in-law. And adding insult to injury, the poor husband/son walked in on his wife/dad meeting up.

And, as you may surmise, he went bonkers on the two.

Wang Pai and a woman he came to know as Ming Chen met chatting online and eventually agreed to meet in their hometown of Muling City, China, for, as The Huffington Post calls it, "hot sex." The couple didn't realize who each other were, because Wang Pai had used a photo of a fellow army buddy, while Ming Chen -- real name Lili -- used a fake picture. Shortly after the pair met up, Wang Jai, Lili's husband, showed up after he found incriminating information on his wife's computer. As Wang Pai tells it: "Ming Chen turned round and ran off down the hallway straight into her husband, my son, who had been following her. He started shouting and then he attacked her, and then he attacked me." Wang Pai reportedly shouted at his wife: "I’m out there working my ass off to earn money, half-dead with fatigue, and all the while you two are messing around."

Terrible, right? Your heart breaks for this poor Wang Jai guy. Except when you find out that his reaction to this god-awful situation was to allegedly knock out five of his wife's teeth and send his father to the hospital with a head injury. Now this story is just horrifying and sad. What his wife and father did is awful, but good lord, what a terrible reaction.

According to reports, Wang Jai was detained for five days by police after the incident. And I think it's safe to say he's not going to be getting much sympathy for what his family did to him. Hope everyone's okay. And hope Wang Pai and Lili decided to call it quits.

Did you think Wang Jai's reaction was out of line?


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krist... kristaleigh84

well...its not like he planed for it to happen. He didn't plan any of was simply a reaction. He probably had a breakdown and couldn't mentally/emotionally handle it. I mean wouldn't you? that's about all the betrayal in the world anyone could deal with. I don't know if his actions were out of line or in line, because I have no idea what I would do in his situation. Unless you've been in the situation I'm pretty sure you don't know exactly how you would react. 

anony... anonymouss

Did Wang Pai or Wang Jai shout at his wife?  So confusing.

Wang Jai had every right to be upset, I'm inclined to think he would have reacted the same regardless of who she was meeting with.  I think for him to attack them like he did was overboard.  However, he had every right to be angry, but he acted on it, and is now in jail because of it. 

Lizzi... LizzieAnnesMom

I honestly don't feel sorry for either of them, just for the husband.

streg... strega269

I'd like to see anyone else react in a different manner. Unless you have someone else with you to calm you down, going off is your gut reaction. 

Brenda Peak

feel sorry for the husband


Kathy Wyatt

  Honestly yes he over reacted but who wouldn't ?

   Yes he should pay for what his actions brought on Bute so should they

    It's a xrime of passion the guy lost control. I probably would to.

    Can't say if id hit them or not.

K-roll Lucy

I have to agree with LizzieAnnesMom...Boo hoo, get what you derserve. I am sure it was a knee jerk reaction, and they are lucky that is all that happened.

my4ki... my4kids274

I feel sorry for the husband....


gemin... geminishadow79

I'd like to play devils advocate on this one....I can't really find any fault in the fathers action, unless he was married which is not stated.  The article says that she used a fake name and picture, so he really had no idea what he was in for.  

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