Dad Gets Home Moments After Wife & 4 Children Are Stabbed to Death

flowerA mom in Brooklyn, NY and her four children -- ages ranging from 1 years-old to 9 -- were all found stabbed to death in their apartment on Saturday night. No official charges have been filed just yet, but a man, who some are reporting is a relative of the family, was taken into custody shortly after authorities arrived on the grisly scene.

Details currently remain scant on this horrific incident, but according to the Daily Mail, the sister of Qiao Zhen Li, the 37-year-old mother who was killed, was in the house during the murders, and she called both the police and Qiao's husband. Miraculously, the sister somehow remained unscathed while her family was brutally killed. But, sadly, Qiao's husband arrived moments after the stabbings took place.


There's no way on earth Qiao's husband could have done anything to stop this senseless crime from occurring, but if what the Mail is reporting is true, and he did arrive just moments after the incident occurred, he will probably always have the small thought in the back of his head that he could have done something to stop it. It's only human nature. But he couldn't have, and he should never blame himself for what happened. What this man has experienced -- finding his entire family dead -- is something no human should ever have to go through. We will never be able to make sense of something this awful. Five innocent people died -- four children for god's sake -- because of some deranged lunatic.

Thoughts and prayers to this poor family. It's obviously going to be a long road ahead, but hopefully somehow Qiao's husband and sister will be able to find peace in their lives at some point. A true tragedy.

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Image via Flower's.Lover/Flickr

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