Parents of Blonde Mystery Girl 'Maria' Finally Found & It's Heartbreaking (VIDEO)

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When a little blonde girl was found living with in a roma gypsy camp in Greece, speculation mounted that she had been kidnapped. Tips poured in from all over the world, and one set of parents who hoped that Maria belonged to them was those of little Lisa Irwin, who disappeared from her bedroom in Missouri at 11 months old. But DNA tests have now confirmed that Maria belongs to a pair of Bulgarians, who also live in a gypsy camp and have 10 other children. Maria's mother, 35-year-old-Sasha Ruseva, said she was working in Greece as an olive picker at the time she gave birth to Maria, and gave her away because she couldn't afford to care for her.

Authorities are still looking into whether Maria was sold to the gypsy camp in Greece -- but it seems rather unlikely that another pair of extremely poor "gypsies" would have enough money to buy a child. Sasha claims she now wants Maria home with her in Bulgaria.

Sasha told a Bulgarian TV station:

I didn't take any money. I just didn't have enough money to feed her. I intended to go back and take my child home, but meanwhile I gave birth to two more kids, so I was not able to go.

Sasha apparently has an albino gene in her family, which accounts for Maria's light complexion, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She has four other blonde-haired, blue-eyed children, and one with bright red hair.

It's unclear what will happen to Maria now.

Should she be returned to the original parents in Greece? They may have gotten her illegally, but this is the only home she's ever known. Put her up for adoption, where she will no doubt be given to a wealthy couple? What is parenthood? Do parents have to have money?

Maria would certainly have a better life with a family of means, but the reality is that children all over the world live the way Maria and her siblings do. One can't go around plucking out certain children from poverty because they have light skin and blue eyes. If you're going to save one child because of horrible conditions, then save them all!

One thing is for certain, Maria is not the first child to be abandoned this way, nor will she be the last. The heartbreaking reality is that there are Marias everywhere.

What do you think should happen to Maria?


Image via ABC News


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the4m... the4mutts

That dumb bitch needs her twat sewn up! She has so many effing kids that she's giving them away, because she can't afford them?


I am all for people having as many kids as they want, if they can provide the essentials for those children. She obviously cannot, and should not be given back her 11th out of 13children. She didnt care enough about keeping her damn legs closed and improving her circumstance so she could get the kid back. No. Instead, she had 2 more instead!

This pisses me right the hell OFF!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I'm actually with you on this one, mutts. My bfs mom has had 7 kids. The first three were split up with three different families, the next one was in and out of foster care, the next was given to another family, the next was also in and out of foster care, and the last was born in prison before being given away. It's amazing to me that some women can just keep having kids when it's clear they can't be parents.

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

The article is unclear about her relationship with the people she was given to. If they were good parents to her, she should be left with them. No you dont need money to be a good parent and raise good kids. These people she was given to are the only parents she knows. If its a loving, safe and healthy relationship, she should stay with them. I agree the birth mother should be doing something to avoid having all these children instead of continuing to have children she cant care for but I dont know her, her intellect, her upbringing etc....there are so many unkown factors here. Giving away the child may have been the right thing and back with her is probably not the best place for this little girl.

Anoth... AnotherKim

You guys are woefully ignorant of gypsy traditions. A gypsy woman doesn't simply go get her tubes tied or go on birth control. Does that make what she did right? Well, if she couldn't afford the kid, I guess it's better that she gave her away rather than leave her by the road. I don't think she should get her back, but I assume that is up to the Greek authorities. Neither set of parents seem to live a great existance, but if the other family loved her, I guess she's better off with them than thrown to strangers.

the4m... the4mutts

Anotherkim- you ASSume too much. I know quite a bit about gypsy people, their traditions, and values. I actually admire quite a bit about them.

I don't recall anyone saying she should have gotten her tubes tied. I said specifically, that due to her inability to keep her damn legs closed that she needs her twat sewn up.

Gypsy doesn't = ignorant. It certainly doesn't automatically = bringing damn near 15 kids into the world that you cant friggin care for! This woman obviously cares more about her own "sexual needs" than she does about the products of her dalliances. Jesus, with that many kids, she obviously didnt even bother with pulling out, natural birth control such as monitoring her cycle, or even drinking herbal "birth control" tea.

Its disgusting.

grous... grousseau

What a classless thing to say, sew her twat shut. How ignorant can a woman be?!? If you know so much about Gypsy culture, you must know that the men rule. A gypsy woman does not have the right to say no to the men of the camp. That is up to her Dad, Grandfather or if married her husband. They say when and with whom. These woman don't live by American laws or rules of conduct. The mother may not be permitted to use any method of birth control. In many cultures the women do Noteven know what causes pregnancy. It sounds crazy, I know. But many woman have no education at all. So before any of us jump to judge these Gypsy woman, think again. I do believe that as long as the girl is in a safe, healthy family, she should stay with them. I do feel bad for the Mom and her situation. I can't imagine having to give away a child because I could not afford to care for them. The whole thing is heart breaking.

kelti... kelticmom

You would think if someone knew so much about gypsy culture, they would know that women have zero control in that culture. In true Roma culture - not the Americanized ones over here -they are married off extremely young (12-16) and expected to spend the rest of their lives cooking, cleaning and bearing as many children as possible. Birth control is unheard of, especially since most Roma are deeply and devoutly Catholic. Women cannot go out unescorted or without their husbands consent. Most cannot even read since they either didn't go to school or were made to drop out when they were old enough to stay home and watch the little children.

Tracy... Tracyann721

Whatever her culture, whatever the laws there, she gave up this child. Where are the others? If she gave up just this one child, out of all of them, no matter the reason, then no she shouldn't get her back.

Jesi Sucku

Am I the only one who is a litle miffed that the only evidence they had that this kid might have been kidnapped was that she didn't look like her parents? My kid has blonde hair and blue eyes and I have dark hair and green eyes, as does my husband. Does that mean we kidnapped her? No. Two of my friends are white and have black children--does that mean they kidnapped their kids? No. We all carried and birthed our children and they are 100% ours. Now in this case the child wasn't theirs biologically, but if the fact that her hair and eyes didn't match her parents' is the only thing they were going on that's messed up.

river... river_coal

I still don't understand how the mother gave her up because she wasn't able to "care for her" but the was able to care for the 2 children she had afterwards. Obviously the child did not mean much to her in the beginning. I think Maria should be left in the care of her adopted parents if they are truly good and loving people.

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