Black Actor Handcuffed After Buying His Mom Expensive Watch at High-End Store

That's Criminal 37

The latest African-American to decry racism at a New York City high-end retailer is Robert Brown, star of the HBO series Treme. The actor, who has also starred in numerous films, including Finding Forrester, Coach Carter, and had a role in the Dark Knight Rises, took to Twitter to air his disgust at the New York Police Department and Macy's, after he says he was handcuffed at the department store after buying his mother an expensive watch. Brown is the third African-American to accuse a high-end New York City retailer of racism and racial profiling when they tried to buy high-ticketed items.

Trayvon Christian is suing the NYPD and Barneys after he says he was arrested after buying a $350 Salvatore Ferragamo belt. He claims officers told him there was no way he could afford such a belt and accused him of having a false debit card and identification. In fact, he did have the money, the debit card was real, and his identification was legitimate.

Then 21-year-old nursing student Kayla Phillips came forward to say that she too was accused of fraud in Barneys, and stopped by cops blocks away after buying $2,500 orange suede Celine bag.

You think this would be enough to put high-end retailers on alert that black people have money too, but apparently the memo did not reach Macy's.

Brown says after he bought his mom a $1,350 watch, he was put in handcuffs, "paraded" through the city, kept in a holding cell for two hours, and accused of using a fake credit card. He was eventually released without charges. Asks Brown:

Why was I put in cuffs? Why was I even approached? It was a slap in the face.

Brown asked this from his attorney's office -- so you can be sure where this is headed.

Retailers and the NYPD might want to take note -- how about asking questions first and handcuffing later? And, oh yeah, African-Americans have money. Ask Jay-Z, who has a partnership with Barneys.

I personally would never spend thousands of dollars on anything that couldn't move -- but what people do with their hard-earned cash is up to them.

Has anyone ever stopped you in a high-end store?


Image via HBO

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cmjaz cmjaz

Its a disgrace

Kattey Kattey

What is going on in NY? I'll be honest, I would expect these stories to come out of the south, but not NY.

bills... billsfan1104

Yeah not believing it.

nonmember avatar shragocide

Just another reason I hate this country.

RoRo Morris

Pretty sad when it is almost 2014 and these types of stories are more prevalent than ever. There has to be a way to bring people closer together and not further apart.. @Billsfan, I usually read your comments but never respond because I believe that we are all entitled to have at least a few stupid days. You are the epitome of stupid. Please have several \_ \_ \_ (seats) and stop spreading the hate. Imbecile.

nonmember avatar Bet

New York City is one of the most racist places in this country. In the south it's in your face. In New York it's just more quiet. Does no one remember when a boutique would not allow Oprah into their store because she was not "their clientele". They only saw a black lady. I'm black and have always been asked for ID when I use my credit card since the 1980's. I mean having it totally examined, then have had stores try to write down my DL number. After that, I usually say ok now you can return that because you never asked the two white ladies in front of me for ID. Happens all the time. I'm never rude nor loud. I just write a letter and never shop in those stores again.

nonmember avatar GimmeaBreak

Yup,whenever there is a black victim of so called racism the entire world is supposed to stop.Yet,when a black student hacks to death a white teacher in a school we are told race was not a factor or no one even mentions it-ha! Stop whining.

the4m... the4mutts

Im not denying that these things are racially motivated, but like GimmeaBreak ΛΛΛ said, why do we automatically assume that only whites are racist? Why are we not crying racism when blacks rob, burglarize, and murder other races?

Either THIS is not racism, and these people were probably acting "ghetto". Or it IS racism,and so are blacks committing crimes against whites.

kelti... kelticmom

Oh good Lord. Some of you make me sick. Not all black on white crime is "racist" and not all white on black crime is "racist". Sometimes a crime is just a crime and the color of the victims skin has nothing to do with it. What IS racist, is assuming that a person could not afford an expensive purchase or that their credit card is stolen - soley on the basis of their skin color. White people (yes, I'm white as well) are so quick to pretend that racism is all but dead, and when stories like these surface, either bury their heads in the sand or cry "but black people do it too!"

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

I'm not sure why you are bringing up violent crimes. This story is about the presumption that some people have when a black person comes into a store to make a purchase, that they can't possibly afford something expensive because black people are all criminals and on welfare or whatever goes through the mind of the idiot at barneys. Not all crimes are race related, but calling the cops on someone who makes a legal purchase, assuming their debit card can't possibly be legit is a racist attitude.

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