Grown Man Tried to Get His 'Pretty in Pink' Moment in Most Disturbing Way

curtis j. hutchings When it comes to high school dances, we've all secretly craved our own Pretty in Pink moment. You know, we're Molly Ringwald, showing up at the dance and finding true love? Even if that means wearing a terribly dated pink dress.

But life isn't a romantic comedy and those so-called movie-moments don't always work out the way we imagine they will. That probably goes double for Curtis J. Hutchings. The 55-year-old man was on a quest for a Pretty in Pink moment of his own. This involved donning a gown, makeup, and crashing a high school homecoming. Ouch.


If that was the long and short of it, I'd sort of sigh and just feel bad for the guy. Who cares if he wants to wear makeup and a dress -- live your life, Curtis! But sadly there's more to the story. Hutchings was discovered by students who caught him performing "lewd acts" solo in his car in the high school parking lot. Classy, Curtis. Real, classy. Guess what Molly Ringwald did in her car in the parking lot? Steeled her resolve in the face of the judgment of James Spader, that's what!

The students told their teachers about what they'd seen. The teachers, in turn, contacted the authorities. To give credit where credit is due, they did not immediately arrest Hutchings, lewdness or not. Once they figured out that he was not a wizened-looking teen and thus had no legal reason to be at school, they hauled him to jail for indecent exposure. Way to ruin reliving high school for everyone, Curtis. I think rather than arresting him, they should have fined his ass and sent him home. He sounds pathetic rather than dangerous.

Do you think the police should have just let Curtis go?


Image via Hill Street Studios/Corbis

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