New 'Girly' Marine Hats Make the U.S. Look Ridiculous

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Marine Corps HatsYou know what’s probably not that important right now in the grand scheme of things? Marine uniform hats. Yet President Obama has proposed a new $8 million design for the iconic hats, which will be thinner and smaller than the current design, in an attempt to appear more unisex.

One Marine succinctly posted online, “What’s wrong with the current uniform? NOTHING! Read the news ... Marines getting relieved, budgets, and structure being cut, and we have time/desire to evaluate a new cover [hat]. You gotta to be kidding!”

Wasn’t it just last week that the government was shut down, because we supposedly didn’t have enough money to pay all non-essential personnel? But now we have $8 million to redesign a hat, a Marine hat, to be more feminine? I’m sorry, what?

Granted, $8 million out of the entire federal budget is practically pennies, but what happened to the mantra that every little bit counts? Or does that only matter when we’re talking about global warming? Because really, is turning the lights out in a room you’re not using going to go that far in saving the planet? Because it seems like if you’re going to be for everyone doing their small part, then everyone should do their small part -- even if it means not redesigning hats.

What’s wrong with the current cap style anyway? I was unaware that it was “too masculine.” It’s a hat, you guys.

Funny side note: I saw some people complaining that the new design is too French, “and the last people we want to associate our Marines with would be the French military.” So I’m thinking that if any hats in the military were to get a redesign, it should be those berets.  

Anyway, this just seems like a ridiculously ridiculous waste of time and money. Leave the Marine hats alone and start focusing on some real problems -- Lord knows we have enough of them.

Do you think the hats need a redesign or should they be left as-is?

Image via Marine Corps photo illustration

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Elaine Cox

8 million dollars on hats...disgusting

the4m... the4mutts

What a waste of money. So unnessecary

BirdCo BirdCo

Oh fuck no.

Virginia Freiburger


sarah... sarahlizzy

Hrm.  Well, according to this Marine Corp Times article (oddly, I trust that more than I trust the Daily News on news about the Marines, but maybe  that's just me) this particular change was brought about and instituted by a Marine General, as part of the over-arching goal to bring equality across the board, as well as make the Marines look more professional and fit as a whole (including requiring women to achieve the more stringent physical fitness standards).  They still haven't decided if they're going to offically adopt it across the board because - as the article states - there's resistance.  

But hey, let's blame Obama.  Because ... one trick pony and all. Works very well.

Francesca Harper

Why are you calling a military hero like Dan Daly "girly"??? According to the Marine Corps Times, the decision making about the new hats has NOTHING to do with the president, but instead the Marine Corps Uniform Board:

"The change could take one of two forms. Either women could begin wearing current male covers with slight modifications, or all Marines could begin wearing new 'Dan Daly caps,' according to a Marine news release. Daly caps feature a smaller crown, similar to the cover worn by two-time Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Maj. Dan Daly, known best for his World War I exploits at Belleau Wood."

That's right. Not only does the president have NOTHING to do with designing or choosing the hats, but the new caps are named after a MEDAL OF HONOR recipient.

I can't believe a great website like "The Stir" let this piece go on its site without any fact-checking...

Since when does a U.S. president design military wear???

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Since jenny erikson wrote the article, Francesca. That's when the president started designing hats.

nonmember avatar Nicole

It's called a cover, not a hat.

Francesca Harper

This is from Bonnie Amos, First Lady of the Marine Corps:

"I'd like to address some questions I have been getting: the President in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover. We are looking for a new cover for our female Marines for one overriding reason: the former manufacturer went out of business. The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover."

Again, fact-checking anyone?

Angela Hurst

She's ( the author) is a conservative so of course she blames Obama. According to conservatives Obama is the root of all evil, even the cause of pimples and bad hair days.  They are always searching for (and stretching the truth) to try to make Obama look bad. Just another desperate grasp from a drowning political party.

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