Woman Arrested for Squirt Gun Attack May Have Been Acting in Self-Defense

giovanna borgeIn an era when regular firearms wreak havoc way too frequently, you probably couldn't help but laugh upon hearing that a woman was recently arrested for shooting her boyfriend with a water gun. But the incident wasn't nearly as goofy and ridiculous as it initially sounds.

The 19-year-old Port St. Lucie, Florida woman named Giovanna Borge was arrested and charged "for squirting water on (her boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes." But according to the recently released arrest warrant, Borge wasn't the only one exhibiting questionable, violent behavior.


While police say the young woman was the "primary aggressor" in this particular incident and the report notes that the boyfriend was playing Xbox "quietly" when an unprovoked Giovanna began yelling and attacking him, they also state that he responded to her water pistol shooting by "dumping a container of water on her" and hitting her with a pillow.

"Then, there was mutual shoving with her ending up in the tub in the bathroom. Giovanna had no visible injuries, but stated she has been injured in domestics by (boyfriend) in the past which were unreported to Law Enforcement," the police report continues, according to The Springfield News-Sun

Ugh. In other words, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss that she was in fact unprovoked -- at least in the long-haul. Who knows what else may have gone unreported?

All I'm saying is that although signs point to Giovanna being the "primary aggressor" in this particular instance, perhaps that hasn't always been the case. It sounds like there may even be a case for self-defense here. Sure, on the surface, it may sound like an angry water fight that simply got out of control, but it may also be an indication that there was a history of domestic violence that runs a lot deeper, goes a lot further back, and requires further investigation before anyone is sentenced.

Do you agree that police need to look further than this one particular incident to see if both parties are guilty of domestic violence?

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