Baseball Coach Accused of Assaulting Boys Reminds Us of Jerry Sandusky

baseball mittIt's Jerry Sandusky all over again. Kids' baseball coach David Scott Engle allegedly repeatedly raped two young boys -- and filmed himself doing it, too. I should tell you first off that he's been sentenced to 25 years in prison just on child pornography charges. He was caught with 450 sexual photos of kids, which is just sickening. Engle still faces a trial over rape charges. The scariest thing? Engle was caught through an unrelated international child pornography investigation, not from accusations by victims. And it wasn't just video of the rapes. He took sexual photos of other team players right under their parents' noses.


Horrifying. Apparently many of the photos found in Engle's possession were shots of boys' genital areas taken while the boys were clothed at baseball practice and games. Parents thought he was taking action shots of throws and catches. But the photos were clearly sexual in nature, even if they showed no nudity. What a chilling discovery for the parents whose kids were coached by Engle.

But it's so much worse for the parents of the boys shown being raped in the videos. That the boys never (that we know of) reported the rapes tells you how terrifying and shameful these encounters must have been. The boys and the parents must be devastated.

What a huge violation of parents' trust! We don't know anything about how those filmed rapes happened -- whether Engle was inviting boys over to his home or what. It's sad that we have yet another reminder of how dangerous it is to leave your child alone with people who are supposed to be role models. And the next time you see a coach photographing players at a game, won't it make you feel much more nervous?

I feel for the boys and the parents involved. How awful for them. Even a life sentence for Engle couldn't possibly seem like enough.

How much do you trust your kids' coaches and teachers? Would you feel safe leaving your child alone with any of them?


Image via Leah Gregg/Flickr

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