Desperate Shoplifting Mom Gets Most Unexpected Surprise From Cop (VIDEO)

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When Officer Vicki Thomas caught Jessica Robles trying to steal $300 worth of food at a Miami grocery store, she didn't automatically cuff her and read her Miranda Rights -- though she certainly could have. Instead, she talked to her like a human being and what she discovered broke her heart. Robles is a single mom who has three children at home and no food to feed them. She says she was desperate to provide nourishment for her 12-year-old daughter and two young sons. What Thomas did next was nothing short of inspirational. 

The officer went back into the grocery store and, using her own debit card, bought the woman $100 worth of groceries to help her family. After looking into Robles' criminal background and finding she didn't have any major charges, Thomas says she didn't see how arresting her was going to help her situation. According to Robles, things got bad at home after her boyfriend lost his job and they stopped receiving federal assistance. 

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Doing what Thomas did for this mom would be a nice Band-Aid to apply to a wound that's just going to open again and again and again, and the officer realized that. So she also spent time speaking with Robles about various food banks, churches, and other organizations that could help her. She made Robles promise that when she got back on her feet, she would help someone else. 

There are some questions that are still unanswered here, like why doesn't Robles have a job? Judging by the video, it looks like her youngest son is not yet in school and childcare is, of course, an exorbitant expense for a struggling family, so maybe that explains that. I really hope mom heeds Thomas' advice and looks into social programs and charities that can help her. Just $100 worth of groceries -- no matter how amazing the cop's actions -- is only going to go so far with three children to feed. 

I think the important takeaway here though is that this family learned there are people out there who are willing to help, and mom needn't become a criminal in the process of trying to feed her children. 

Do you think the officer was enabling this mom for helping her or was this just an amazing act of pure generosity? 

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work4... work4mickey

Showing her where the food banks are should help a lot. I am curious as to why she lost federal aid.

wamom223 wamom223

Not only the food bank but she could have tried churches, especially Mormon and Catholic ones.  I am disgusted that this cop rewarded this woman for stealing.  Disgusted!!!  No major charges? Really?  Sounds like she was escalating in crime to me.

sweet... sweetaspie630

@work4mickey, if her boyfriend lost his job and couldn't find another, they can cut your aid for that.

work4... work4mickey

In what state? In california it's based solely on income. So someone loosing their job would increase benifits.

Laura Palmer

Yeah it wouldn't sense to take away goverment assistance if a job was lost, also even if she has a small child most states offer programs to help pay for daycare if you cannot afford it. 


nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

"Sounds like she was escalating in crime to me."

Thank god the queen of compassion was here to pass judgement and make assumptions.

Victoria Bardsley

It's nice to know that the officer told her about food banks and other places she can get food for her kids. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the mother to never steal again. However, when the officer said that she didn't think arresting her would help matters, in my opinion, I agree with that statement.

nonmember avatar ReallyPeople

At least she was trying to feed her family and not shoplifting alcohol or out on the street trying to score drugs! The economy isn't what it use to be. Day care is a lot higher then it was 5 years ago. Any more who do trust. The cop did a kind hearted thing. Would most people do that.. No they wouldn't. Even if she wasn't shoplifting and just didn't have the money on her card most people would stand there and pretend they didn't see anything, The cop did a great thing. As far as federal aid goes how do you know she didn't apply? Its so back up right now that even if you apply it doesn't just happen. Food banks are open at certain times. What I think is funny is that so many people complain that people that people abuse the system then here are some on here complaining she didn't. Ever think maybe she is to proud and trying on her own. maybe there is more to it and she has looked for help.

Andrea Mader

Here in IA, income counts for everyone that lives in the household but they don't count as part of the family unit. So his having or losing a job might not affect her assistance as much as you would think. And here, they only pay for daycare AFTER you have gotten a job or started school because they only pay for the time you work/school and the half hour before and after. That makes it really hard to accept a job because you don't have daycare for the first week or two weeks (depends on how fast they get to your paperwork). Also, you can be on assistance for so long before they kick you off. I got taken off off daycare assistance because I didn't realize I interposed two numbers on my application and they took that to be a fradulent claim. It took almost two months to get things sorted out. So it could be anything really as to why she lost it; and it could be temporary too. I commend the cop for what she did. She didn't make the situation worse; jail time for the mother puts those children into foster care, which is a bitch to get out of once you're in the system. And she didn't just slap a band-aid on it either. She gave her options to look into. I didn't know about the help churches give when I was a young mom. I hope when she does get back on her feet she keeps that promise of helping someone else. I wish her prayers and goodwill from one mom to another.

Adrian O'Brien

You know... don't go saying bad things about the Cop.  I don't care if she 'rewarded her for stealing'... in truth, she helped out the kids.  If the mom had no prior record... that's a good indicator that she was just a woman who was desperate.  Besides... the cop didn't give her money, she used her card and bought the family groceries AND then pointed her in the right direction for help. Say what you will about the woman... but you should be thankful that there are caring people still in this world, and that they are in our police force!

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