Man Who Finds His 63-Year-Old Wife in Bed With 22-Year-Old Makes Most Embarrassing 911 Call Ever (LISTEN)

A 22-year-old Arizona man probably thought he'd get an award for sleeping with a 63-year-old woman. Instead, he got shot and arrested. The man, Stephen Trevor Chapman, apparently has a thing for cougars. When the young man hooked up with 63-year-old woman, he got more than he bargained for when the woman's 68-year-old husband barged in on them and shot the dude.

The man, who suffers from Parkinson's, reportedly woke up in the middle of the night, didn't see his wife in bed, and went to look for her in the guest house. There, he found his wife in the same bed as their guest, the 22-year-old boytoy. The husband poked the younger rival with his cane -- and the young man reportedly threatened him.

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The husband, who had his trusty .410-caliber pistol on him, shot the guy. But he only hit his hand with a stray pellet. 

The husband then calls police, saying that he'd fired on a guy who broke into his property. "What color shirt was he wearing?" the 911 operator asks the addled husband, trying to get a description of the young man.

"He wasn't wearing a shirt at all," he replies.

"Was he wearing pants?" he's then asked.


Uhhh huhhh. The somewhat shocked operator then asks, "Was he naked?"

"Uhh, I guess," he replies.

The husband then says, "They're both leaving in her car."

"Was there somebody else with him?" the operator asks, still totally clueless.

"My wife," the man says.

Oooohhh, are you getting it now operator?! No, he's not.

The call goes on until the poor man is forced to admit he found his wife in bed with the young "burglar."

Eventually "Harold and Maude" return, where cops arrest the young guy. Said the sheriff, siding with the elderly husband:

Clearly, this young man should have heeded the warnings of the homeowner to leave his residence and to stop sleeping with his wife. The young man is lucky that he only got poked with a cane and hit with a stray pellet from the shotgun.

While it's truly horrible to have your wife cheat on you in your elderly and infirm years -- I'm not so sure the young whippernsnapper deserved to be shot and arrested on top of it. Especially since the reports make it seem totally consensual. On the other hand, sleeping with another man's wife on his own property is never a good idea -- you just don't know what an armed and ornery husband is liable to do. Even an old one.

Do you think the man should have been arrested?

Image via Pinal County Sheriff's Office


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nonmember avatar linbri

It sucks but i don't understand why he was arrested ? In fact i don't understand why the husband wasn't cited for making a false report because the guy didn't break in he was let in by the cheating wife.

flowe... flowersbane

I don't get why the guy was arrested.  He was obviously invited on the property by the wife.

nonmember avatar blue

This is AWFUL. The kid was yelling and threatening the man, and refused to leave. He was told to leave, and instead he tried to lunge at the old dude with parkinsons. He deserved to be charged.

Willi... Willie24622

So was it a revolver or a shot gun... go home Kiri you're drunk writing again.


Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^ THAT.

I was wondering what sort of revolver shot pellets. Dude had it coming. What a story. This sounds like something my grandpa would've done lol

nonmember avatar sabel

>>was wondering what sort of revolver shot pellets<<

Uh, could have been an air gun (probably NOT a revolver, then) or could have been a revolver (.22LR or .38 cal) with snake loads in it. After all, this happened in Arizona where there are lots of snakes - and not all of them are the 2-legged variety.

I just have to wonder why the kid looks so doggoned happy in his mug shot having just been poked with a cane, shot in the hand and arrested.

sweet... sweetaspie630

Okay so now you get arrested for having consensual sex with another adult, and it's okay for someone to SHOOT you for it too?

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

Sweetaspie the elderly man wasn't all with it in the head and he did tell the young man to get off his property before he shot him. This perverted guy got what was coming to him.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Read the article (not the Stir's attempt) - he was arrested for disorderly conduct.  BTW, the 22yo was fresh out of jail and the wife was trying to "help him get back on his feet".

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