Mystery Girl Found With Strangers Give Hope to Madeleine McCann's Family (VIDEO)

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A little 4-year old girl going by the name Maria, with blond hair and blue eyes, was found in a Roma community in central Greece. Police raided the area looking for drugs and weapons but one astute prosecutor, along for the raid, noticed Maria's little head poking out from under some sheets. The prosecutor became suspicious because the girl clearly looked nothing like her "parents" and, in fact, later DNA tests confirmed she was not!

Now there is an international search going on ... trying to find out where this beautiful child really belongs. The really upsetting thing here is that the people caring for her (if you can call it that) have registered 14 children in total, in three different Greek regions. In the area where Maria was found authorities only found two other girls and one boy. That means there are still 10 children unaccounted for. And though the couple are claiming they have not kidnapped anyone, they can't seem to keep their stories straight as to how Maria came into their care.

There's that and, based on paperwork found with the couple, the mom would have had to have given birth to six children within a 10 month period

The police suspect child-trafficking — which is just sickening to think about. But a discovery like this is giving hope to other families who've had their children seemingly disappear. We, of course, remember Madeleine McCann who disappeared while vacationing with her parents in Portugal in 2007. And since police in Britain recently reopened the McCann case, maybe this will help give them the new leads they are looking for to bring her home.

Does this discovery give you hope or does it just make you angry at all of the evil that exists in this world?

Image via Greek Police; Video via CNN

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lasombrs lasombrs

I hope these children's real parents will come forward and that they did not sell them into the trafficking ring :( hopefully they will be well taken care of by loving families from here on out and not tossed around in the system.

kisse... kisses5050

"The Gypsies are coming the old people say to steal little children and take them away...." my babysitter use to scare me to death with that mom would tell me to quit being racist...and not stereotype.. 

Marin... Marine101

You gotta fix yourself! There is a ton of speculation going on and the fact that these are Gypsy people only makes the story blow up. Why don't you talk about the persecution of Gypsy people by pretty much every European nation and how the French president is trying to set up an area just for Gypsies... revert to the Nazi concentration camp and to the Native Americans. But hey, no need to do your homework and realize that it's more than just Gypsies involved in trafficking and that authorities will tell as many lies as possible to cast them into a bad light. For example: The French subway workers will put out over the loud speaker "Pickpockets have been sited," when they see a group of Gypsies on the cameras. Then, to make it even better because many European countries refuse to acknowledge Gypsies thus preventing them from getting jobs, a decent education, earning a true income, the people have to resort to begging and pick pocketing, then the government BLAMES them for pretty much every thing bad that happens crime wise. Better yet people, just go to Gawker to get the story and read some of the comments, you'll learn a lot more from them and be enlightened by TRUE reporters! 

abra819 abra819

Marine, this website is basically like an online rag mag....take a deep breath

nonmember avatar Ally

Wow. Racist much? First of all, "gypsy" is an ethnic slur and refers to multiple groups of people who constantly face persecution. Second, there are Roma (and others called by the slur) who have blond hair and blue eyes. We do not have the full story. Is the girl a kidnapping victim? We don't know. She could actually be related to the Roma she was found with for all we actually know! I'm not defending these people, I'm just saying that we don't know the story and it's only blown up because of who they are.

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

 This baby looks scared to death, she has been traumatized, it's clear just from looking into her lil eyes. Being ripped away from the only people she may remember in it's self is traumatizing, even if they are not good people, or related to her or what ever. And I do hope she is reunited w/ who ever she truly belongs to, and or a very patient and understanding, loving family.But after looking at posted pictures of Madeleine McCann; I do not think this child is her at all. When a child has a cow lick it is there from birth. This child has one, and Madeleine does not. The hair line does not change as such. 

Dawn HoneyBee Harville

Ally, it said she was DNA tested and proven to not be that couples biological child. If she was related to them the DNA would have shown that she shared genes with the woman or man.

adopt... adoption2013

First of all I would suggest that you get some facts before jumping to conclusions.  The child may have been abducted or she may have come into their home legitimately in accordance with their culture.  This child may have been placed with the family by a Roma woman who couldn't care for her.  There are a lot of things that I don't agree with in the Roma culture but then there are a lot of things that I don't like about my own culture.  What is incredibly offensive is the assumption that this child was ill-used when the only witnesses say that they loved her like their own child.  It may not be to your standards but you have no actual evidence with which to point fingers.  I'm going to give you a hypothetical case scenario that is as plausible as kidnapping:.  A young Roma girl gets pregnant out of wedlock and her family will be shamed if she stays in her own community and keeps the baby.  She stays elsewhere and these people adopt the baby in accordance with their own laws. Roma people do not trust outsiders they willnot be cooperative.  Furthermore there may be a language barrier.  

nonmember avatar heather

The term gypsy is pretty racist. My very elderly grandparents live in France and use this term freely. It annoys the heck out of me. Also, I find it strange that everyone is concentrating on the blond child when several children were found with them and determined not be theirs. Also, children can be taken away because they don't look like you? I understand that the child had a DNA test (after being removed) but my daughter looks nothing like me because she was adopted. I hope no one calls DHS because she doesn't look like me.

Patricia Revelle



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