Retail Giant That Outrageously Fired Good Samaritan Employee Finally Backtracks (VIDEO)

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An employee at Walmart, on break at 2:30am, saw a woman getting assaulted. He didn't sit by and watch. He didn't drive away and pretend he didn't see anything. He jumped out of his car to help her. Then he ended up getting pummeled. Then Walmart fires him for fighting on the job. Wait. What? Does that make any sense to you at all?

Well, that's exactly what happened to 30-year-old Kristopher Oswald, in Michigan, earlier this week. Within days of his helping a woman in trouble — successfully helping her — his managers shook his hand and told him they were proud of what he'd done, but that they had to fire him. They handed him a corporate letter that said "due to a violation of company policy on his lunch hour it was deemed appropriate to terminate his temporary assignment."

After outrage over his being booted sparked a firestorm on Twitter (among other places) the retail giant has come to its senses and offered him his job back

Yesterday a company spokeswoman said they took a step back, looked at all of the information, and realized his intentions were good. I'm not sure why they didn't do that before firing him. After all, even the county sheriff was proud of Oswald's actions, which led to the arrest of the culprit on charges of domestic violence, drunk driving, and malicious destruction of property.


How would you have handled this if you were his manager? Would you have helped fight for his job?

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the4m... the4mutts

I HATE retail/fast food chain employee policies. I refuse to ever work at a large chain again.

I worked at a Movie Gallery a few years back, and they made it clear on my first day (not during the hiring process) that if someone robbed us, and tried to do us harm, we had to decide if we wanted to defend ourselves, because if we did, we would be fired.

Of course, some crap minimum wage job wouldnt keep me from defending myself, but damn! Way to make your employees feel valued.

KacieLu KacieLu

Wal-Mart values the drunken criminal more than the employee - he probably spends money in the store, whereas the employee was a recent hire and easily replaced.

nonmember avatar mar

Just put a gun to our childrens futures when big corporations start having a real say in How we morally function as a society. What if he had thought sbout walmarts bottom line or their policy before a fellow human being? That's a perfect way to control the masses.

Kim Rhode

Same thing happened to my Dad at Lowes. He was trying to get the license # of a shoplifter and was fired for leaving his post. He had worked there for 6 years in Redmond Oregon and will be 80 in December. These retail giants are rediculous!!!


Jennie Randall

what is wrong with Walmart First they fired the women for calling on leaving a dog in the car in a really hot day now this .  Is walmart from a place we dont know about


nonmember avatar me

No, it doesnt surprise me. I work for them. Lol

Adie0510 Adie0510

Another reason to hate Walmart.

nonmember avatar Not Surprised

I quit Wal-Mart after I got pulled into the manager's office and told that they had recently discovered that another manager's son was working there and had sexually assaulted me (not rape, but holding me against my will and groping me) and that if I mentioned anything to anyone about him I would be fired. Nice place to work. So much for their open door policy.

mshar... msharleyjr

Walmart USED to care about their people. As we can see now where they stand...

Knitt... KnittyTina

It's not worth it to shop there.  I've been in my local Wal-Mart exactly 3 times and personally don't see what the big appeal is.  Everything was priced just the same as everywhere else, no big savings anywhere.  I hate how they treat their employees and haven't been back. 

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