Amorous Couple Did Something Disgusting on a Plane in Sight of Kids

Ah, the mile-high club. Some of us are members while others of us wouldn't dream of getting busy in a germ-infested flying capsule. But regardless of where you stand on having sex on a plane, we can probably all agree that the only "appropriate" place to actually do it is either in that godforsaken 2x2 bathroom or under the privacy of enormous blankets -- and that last exception only applies if you're in first class and far, far from your neighbor. 

But not everyone agrees that plane sex needs to be private. Christopher Martin and his wife Jessica Stroble got so hot and heated on a trip from Oregon to Las Vegas that they either couldn't walk two feet to the restroom or thought it would do their prude cabinmates a world of good to witness their love. So they had oral sex right there in their seats -- and now they're paying big time for their actions. 


According to reports, the couple's behavior was so conspicuous that people complained and feared their children would see what Martin and Stroble were up to. Though they stopped for a few minutes during the snack and drink service -- guess they needed to fuel up -- they pretty much disregarded several warnings issues by flight attendants. Can you imagine? Flight attendants are no joke -- I am deathly afraid of getting caught with my tray table up before landing, and these two are having public orgasms?!

Anyway, the couple faced a $500 fine and 90 days in jail, but ended up only having to pay $250 each. Not a bad trade-off for turning everyone's stomach for hours on end, I would argue. But things got worse for Martin. He was actually fired from his wine-making job in Oregon because of this incident. The company won't comment, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say they didn't want to be attached to such incredibly embarrassing news that wouldn't be news at all if they had just snuck to the bathroom. I don't blame the company one bit. 

The couple's actions were hardly the most outrageous we've ever heard, but how on earth did they think they were going to get away with having oral sex on a narrow and packed-to-the-gills airplane? Or did they want to be seen? Which is just gross and disrespectful. I'm all for mile-high antics, but take it to the bathroom, please, and -- just like everyone else -- risk getting serious leg and back cramps for a moment of pleasure.

Do you think it was fair for the couple to be fined and for Martin to lose his job because they had oral sex on a plane? 


Image via momentcaptured1/Flickr

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