Who ISN'T Obama Blaming for the Shutdown?

In a press conference Thursday morning, President Obama addressed the end of the government shutdown, and urged members of Congress to “move on from the manufactured crisis.” You know, because our government being unable to work together and compromise is manufactured.

So if this whole thing was a “manufactured crisis,” then who manufactured it? His normal go-to culprit in the blame game is the GOP in general, or President Bush or Rush Limbaugh specifically, but this time he went more personal.

Bloggers! Yup, we bloggers are finally getting a little credit around here. He said:

All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do.

Ok, so I guess Rush still got a little bit of the blame, with the radio talking head comment, and then the professional activists (funny he'd blame his own side, since it's leftist activists that get paid, not conservative ones). But still. Did you know that bloggers could shut down the government? Because I didn’t. I also want to know exactly how rich he thinks us bloggers are, or how we “profit from conflict.”

Bloggers who get paid are far and few between, Mr. President-of-the-People. So sorry to burst your bubble on that one, but it’s true. And the ones that do get paid aren’t exactly making a fortune. We’re making a living.

Speaking of making a living ... bloggers don’t profit from conflict, they profit from writing about stuff that’s happening. If there’s a government shutdown going on, then that’s what they’ll write about, if that’s what they think will bring some traffic. If not, they’ll write about whatever else is going on in the news they think people will want to read. I know capitalism is a difficult concept for the Prez, but sheesh!

Anyway, I’m glad the shutdown is over, and even though President Obama wants to give me all the credit, I’m going to have to pass.

Who do you think is to blame for the shutdown?


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PJThom PJThom

Did a six-year-old write this?

Madam... MadameGarlic

Just ridiculous. Jenny, you lost. Ha ha.

nonmember avatar monica

This is absurd. I don't think anyone comes here for political commentary (and as this article shows, for good reason).

Kim Hunn Budnick

What a strange world you seem to live in. I'd like to visit one day. Ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Toni

Yeah. No. Jenny, you are embarrassing yourself.

Dana E Armstrong

Seriously?  Do you assume that we don't read  or visit or watch any other site other than this one?  We KNOW for a fact that 80 republicans signed the letter committing themselves to this shutdown.  We saw the tweets and comments by republicans crowing about how great this shutdown was.  And we all heard Faux news, Rush, Levin, Savage and your twin Coulter cheer leading for that lunatic Cruz.  The only one wearing any blinders are the GOP fools and their foolish media cheerleaders who are trying to convince anyone who will listen that "we never wanted a shutdown." In a long line of partisan ignorant posts, this one is your worst.

Paws84 Paws84

Jenny, don't worry. I'm sure you already know that 99% of the people that comment on this website are Obama lovers. My favorite thing Obama said today was, 'Washington needs to get their act together.' Lmao....last time I checked, he's the one in CHARGE of Washington! After 5 years and all he's screwed up in this country, he's still not taking the blame for a single thing. 

nonmember avatar impeachment

This guy is a heathen and a piece of excrement.He is nothing but an evil,lying race baiting devil.Wonder what Obozo has planned with the billion rounds of hallow point ammo they aquired for DHS...? Hostile takeover? Martial law? He did support PBA's (partial birth abortions) as a senator,a desperately wicked man our president.

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