Cruel Kids Nearly Kill Classmate With Severe Nut Allergy

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evil peanutsA high school student in Sweden nearly died after suffering an allergic reaction this week. Was she eating in a new restaurant or trying a new food? No. The student in question was at a location that should be the safest for kids her age. She was at school.

Allergies are a serious business. They are very different than having a "sensitivity" to certain foods. This is something Linn Jurnberg, 18, tried to make clear when she posted a notice on a bulletin board reminding her fellow students that she had a severe nut allergy. If anything, the signage had the opposite of its intended effect. In fact, the results were almost deadly.

It appears, reports the school's principal, that moments after posting the notice on the bulletin board, it was deliberately ripped down. The authorities currently believe that Linn was then felled by her fellow students. Some of her teachers says that students were "stockpiling" nuts and slipped a hazelnut in Linn's water when she wasn't looking. She nearly suffocated and died as a result.

The principal is taking this seriously, as he should. He's not mincing words, either: "Either the student who did this is completely stupid or it's attempted manslaughter." I think it's a combination of the two. A stupid crime. A "prank" is something harmless. The only thing that gets hurt when you pull a prank on someone is someone's ego. Knowing that putting nuts in Junrberg's water would cause her death is malicious. We leave the realm of "pranks" when the end result is serious injury or death. 

Do you think this is a serious crime or just a prank that got out of hand?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

A CRIME!! Holy shit! What lowlifes!

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

heck yeah this a serious crime.  the girl could have died for pete's sake.  hope they charge those brats.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

And bitchy moms complain when they can't send their pwecious sneauxflayke to school with a PB&J? 

Sarah... SarahHall58

Sending your kid to school with a pb&j sandwich for them to eat themselves is MUCH different than deliberately putting a hazelnut into someone's water. COMPLETELY different.

2baby... 2babymomma

It's not that different when you know just the smell of the nuts can give the person a reaction

Todd Vrancic

You have to ask if it's a crime?  Attempted murder, assault with intent to commit murder at the very least.

Tiffany Altieri

It's attempted murder.  Given that her age is listed as 18, I'm assuming the other kids were her peers and thus are old enough to know better and be held responsible for their actions.  There is the question of whether the actual person who slipped the nut in her water knew the severity of her allergy, but she had posted signage explaining it.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

If a person can have reaction just from the smell of nuts how does that person function outside of their home?  What if that person needs to have a repair person come to their home?  What does that person do at the movies, doctor's office, post office, the mall or grocery shopping?

My child's school tried to go peanut free this year.  It did not work out for them.  Talk about an uprising.  I didn't know so many parents did not have a job.  But the school went back to just having a peanut free table.  The principal ultimately decided the children with allergies needed to learn how to how to navigate the outside world at an early age. 

Tiffany Altieri

The second point about children with allergies needing to learn how to function it the outside world is also a very true one. We can't ban everything someone may be allergic to.  There are people allergic to water! At the same time, this incident is (to paraphrase the principal), an example of someone doing something very stupid or very criminal.

Sallee Kay Decker

i worked with a woman who was allergic to bananas she couldn't touch them or smell them(when peeled) so when the kids had bananas she had to leave the room so it is possible for the smell of something to create a reaction, however i agree that kids allergic to things need to know how to navigate around these things and kids who are no allergic need to know how to keep their friends safe as well.

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