Crowd Witnesses Alleged Rape & Tweets About It Instead of Helping (VIDEO)

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It seems if you get sexually assaulted these days, you have a fairly good chance of the whole thing being put online. From Steubenville to Maryville, the trend of videotaping sexual assaults for the world to see is an incredibly disturbing one. But what of this alleged sexual assault? In this case, the alleged perpetrator didn't videotape it -- bystanders did! They then reportedly live-tweeted it, with one even trying to sell it to a site that publishes "revenge" porn. What has the world come to?!!

In the pictures, a 20-year-old female student outside a college homecoming celebration at Ohio University is seen being given oral sex by a man. Another man stands by watching. Dozens of witnesses took photos and even a video of the attack and tweeted them.

She reported the attack the next day, saying she doesn't remember anything that happened and only knew what had gone on after seeing her own pictures online. How horrifying! Though as the lead investigator says, "It also assisted us in our investigation." So I guess there's a small upside to having your sexual assault videotaped!!

The shocking thing is that not one person tried to intervene. However, this might not be as horrific as it sounds. Looking at the photo, I'm not certain I would have thought this was a rape. I probably would have assumed the man and the woman were a couple, knew each other, and had had way too much to drink. I am not certain I would have assumed that any man would assault a woman in front of so many people.

But, of course, it happens. All it would have taken is one person asking, "Are you okay? Do you need help?" But who knows if she would have answered. Someone could have called the police just to be safe, but the bystanders were probably drunk too.

As for the woman, it's unclear what happened -- was she drunk? Had she been drugged?

I remember seeing a passed out woman being carried by two men past me when I was much younger and visiting New Orleans. It flashed in my mind, "Is she okay? Are those her friends?" And then the woman was gone. It still haunts me whether the girl was in trouble or not, and whether I should have called police. I know better now. Recently, I saw a teenage boy on top of a teen girl on the hood of a car -- she was screaming. I yelled over several times, "Are you okay? Do you need help?" She finally heard me, looked at me blankly, laughed, and said, "No." Apparently she and the boy were just having fun. But how would I know?

As for the bystanders of this assault, I'm not convinced it occurred to them that this was allegedly a rape. But there's no excuse for videotaping and tweeting it. I have the sinking feeling we are becoming -- or HAVE become -- the society that would sooner take pictures of a murder to post on our blogs and Twitter accounts than do something about it.

Would you have called the police?




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youth... youthfulsoul

I find it Ito be an interesting trend that these girls claim rape because they can't remember what sexual activity they've engaged in. Perhaps they need to not drink to the point of blacking out. Some culpability has to be on them for their own choices.

nonmember avatar Krystal

She claimed rape after she realized there were pics and vid and she looked like a whore. Just because you've been busted or regret it doesn't mean it was rape sorry.

Kattey Kattey

If she was so drunk the night was blacked out then she was too drunk to consent. Clearly you two posters above me are assholes. I don't give two shits how much she had to drink, she didn't deserve to be assaulted. There really should be charges brought against anyone who took pictures or video of the assault. Besides why she she look like a whore? Do you also believe the man looks like a whore? Or are you both just sexist dicks.

the4m... the4mutts

And what about if she were in the privacy of her own home?

What if she had a few too many drinks, and passed out on her couch, her husband went to bed, and their room mate took advantage of her situation?

This happened to me. And 9months later, I gave birth to a child from the man that took advantage of a married woman, in her own home. It ruined my marriage. The boy is 10 now, and I couldnt ask for a better child. He is perfect. But does that make up for what I experienced? No, it doesn't. And it sure as shit doesnt mean I should have some culpability in the situation.

Just because she (assumed) got drunk in a more public setting, makes her irresponsible? Imo, that SHOULD make her safer!

Where and when is it okay in the eyes of you insensitive assholes, for a woman to drink alcohol?

Some fucking people....

ktobin2 ktobin2

Everyone is saying that she was too drunk to consent...but he was drunk too. Two really drunk people having sex isn't rape. I could argue the fact that she raped him because he was too drunk to consent.

nonmember avatar Kat

It really shows the true colors or some people.. who would stand around taking pictures of someone receiving oral sex anyways? And posting them online at that, that SHOULD be criminal! As for this being a rape.. it is unfortunate that no one intervened yet I do believe it could be possible no one was obviously aware .. but if anyone were aware of what it was then shame on them! It seems unfortunate that police may never get thoroughly prosecute those individuals that are guilty in this situation.

This being said. It happened to me. 5 months ago, I thought I was cool and I went to college party. Long story short, I was taken advantage of and although I remember bits and pieces there is no way I could have told my rapist that he could have sex with me. So.. if this is that type of situation I really feel for the victim because I could only imagine NOT knowing and seeing photos of the incident!! It can be really hard to convey to your loved ones (who are the only ones who need to know about it) the seriousness of what took place, especially with the obvious being you are lying, you were being a slut. .. it was only my 2nd time having sex. And I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I know what it feels like for no one to believe you.

nonmember avatar Kat

The4mutts. I couldn't believe I read your comment .. I felt so inspired that I wanted to share my story for the first time online .. hits so close to home. I commend you for the decision to have and raise your child, as I am not decided in my choice (besides having this baby..) I am sorry about what happened to you I know what its like .. and I am in awe of your determination to take control of your situation after having no control over what happened to you. God bless you.

nonmember avatar Kat

OK ktobin2 .. but I didnt read the part about her climbing on him or her performing oral sex on him ..

lobus lobus

Her legs are wide open. I know someone who was drugged and molested she tried to fight it off through the haze. This is a young girl who made some very poor decisions and is claiming assault to save face. If it were a guy receiving oral do you think he would claim assault the next day? Its a double standard but it is what it is. Its terrible that it was recorded but in this day and age you have to know you may be on tape anywhere in public. I feel sorry for the pair and I honestly hope this boys life isn't ruined because of her.

ltc9958 ltc9958

@Kat  Who is to say she didn't force him down on her?  

Other sites have also reported that following this incident these two started  taking pictures with bystanders, proud of what they'd just done. All of the other information that other sites have revealed about it leads me to believe this allegation is her trying to cover her butt.

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