Elementary School Teacher Stabbed to Death in Front of Her Students

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Kellye Taylor was at recess with her students last Friday, when a man ran up, stabbed her in the neck, and ran off. She was able to gasp, “Calm down. Call 911,” as her students screamed and her fellow teacher began to panic.

By the time the paramedics arrived, there was nothing they could do. Taylor, 53, was covered in her own blood as her pupils rolled back in her eyes. Her sister Mary Bryant, who was there while the paramedics made a valiant attempt to save her, said, "They didn't stop working, they didn't stop working. But I knew she was gone already."

The California grandmother had been dedicated to improving education for lower-income families her entire life.

Her mom, Carrie Bryant, started a preschool in 1972 in Cambodia Town, an area in desperate need of affordable day-care. Later, she started Huntington Academy, an elementary school for working class children. Kellye grew up at the schools, and she eventually became a beloved teacher known affectionately as Miss Kellye.

What in the world could possess someone to murder a teacher and pillar of the community? Police have arrested Steven Brown, 50, on suspicion of the murder. He’s Kellye’s daughter Tia’s boyfriend, and the biological father of three of the five children she had in her custody.

According to court documents, he was convinced that she was an “informant,” that told social workers he was an unfit parent, and that her daughter would be better off without him.

Social workers have been receiving calls about Steven Brown and Tia Turner since May 2006, alleging that the couple neglected and abused their children. In 2010, Long Beach police said the home was “debris-strewn and devoid of food except for two cans of SpaghettiOs.”

In 2011, Brown was convicted of child cruelty for punching Tia’s 16-year-old son in the face, and he was ordered to stay away from the children for three years. Earlier this year, Tia was arrested on suspicion of slapping Brown and hitting him with keys. The children were removed from the home by social workers.

The Huntington Academy was closed on Monday, but remnants of a weekend vigil remained. One displayed note written by the teenage grandson Brown had hit read, "Love you Grammy, will remember to make good decisions."

Does this just break your heart?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Thus is so sad...poor thing.

the4m... the4mutts

Thats terrible

baham... bahamamama61

Good thing they caught him:/ He doesn't need to be around his kids, or anyone, except prisoners.

ninag... ninag1980

that note from her grandson......

thank goodness Miss Kellye was able to instill some values in him before she left this world.  Lord knows what kind of examples his own parents were leaving him with

IHear... IHeartCake

Sounds like her daughter and daughter's boyfriend should have both already been in prison for abusing and neglecting their children, and then the children could have had a peaceful life with their loving grandma and this wouldn't have happened. 

nonmember avatar Kass

I'm so sick of hearing of these abusive men getting slap on the wrist and allowed to roam free. The violence against women and children in this country is sickening!! May this woman RIP.

Mishka4 Mishka4

So sad, her poor family, the poor school, and those poor students. People are sick, this man should get life in prison and forced to be a register sex offender if he ever gets out! Those childern will never feel safe for a long time.

craft... craftycatVT

Yet another case for mandatory sterilization.

nonmember avatar Chad

Another reason teachers should be allowed to carry guns. If the man new teachers packed heat he might not of been so gun ho on stabbing her no pun intended. My mom saved me and my brothers life when we were 5 and 8 my dad was out of town on the oil rig and a man broke into our house armed with a knife and she shot and killed him. I think more women should carry guns and learn to shoot.

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