Kind Couple Invites ‘Lonely’ Man to Their Wedding & the Absolute Worst Happens

daniel kapis
Daniel Kapis
When Thomas and Denise Yakopin were writing up the guest list for their wedding, they decided to invite Daniel Kapis. From the sounds of things, they weren't particularly close with Kapis, and he definitely wasn't a relative. They kind of just knew him casually and wanted him to be there on their special day because he seemed "lonely" and didn't appear to have much in his life. Kapis happily accepted their invite, and even though the Yakopins told him not to buy them anything, he sprung for a card and a $25 gift card to the Olive Garden for the happy couple.

Sadly, though, Daniel Kapis, who's now very kindly being dubbed "Lonely Man" by the Daily Mail, never got to give Thomas and Denise his gift, because he was hit by a car and killed on his way to the joyous occasion. And if this isn't the saddest thing I've heard in a while, I'm not quite sure what is.

The Yakopins were devastated after hearing about what happened to Kapis, and Thomas posted a tribute to him on his Facebook page. Here's what he wrote:

Our friend Dan K. was hit and killed by a car crossing the highway on his way to our wedding. Words cannot express the grief my new wife and I have experienced trying to make sense of this loss. Denise loved Dan and purposed to show him the kindness of our LORD Jesus. Dan was a very special man. Everyday accidents happen, but rarely this close to home. If you would be so kind, pray for Dan's family, pray for the young man who hit and killed Dan, and pray for my lovely wife, Denise M. Yakopin.

I know. This is depressing. So depressing I actually thought twice about writing about this. "What's the point?" I thought. "It's only going to seriously bum people out." But then I realized two things. One, hearing stories like this often makes people want to be a little ... well, less jerky. Even if only for a little while. (It certainly had that effect on me.) And two, a nice silver lining to think about here is that Daniel died knowing that people really cared about him. As awful and ironic as this story is, I think it would have been so much worse if Daniel died before getting his invitation to the the Yakopin wedding.

It was incredibly kind for Thomas and Denise to invite Daniel to their wedding, and it's not something everyone would do. Be honest: Would you invite a person you're just kind of friendly with to your wedding because you thought it would be good for them? I'd like to say I would, but, if I'm being completely truthful, I can't say that would be the case.

Although weddings may seem like the biggest thing in the world when planning them, in the grand scheme of things, another guest isn't really that big of a deal. It's nice that Thomas and Denise were able to see that while in the midst of everything. Because I have a feeling their inviting Daniel to their wedding had more of an impact than any of us know.

RIP, Daniel; thoughts and prayers to his family.

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D.j. Lord

an act of kindness always touches more than those involved

nonmember avatar Kfigs

I was that lonely child so now as an outgoing adult I like to extend a friendly hand to those who remind me of my former self.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What a sweet guy and a sweet couple. So sad they didn't get to celebrate.

Peggy Welsh


Anne Myers so sad that the man died on the way to the wedding but I agree that knowing someone cared was a beautiful thing for him!!! This couple did something that few will ever do. GOD BLESS THEM. I know he will. They probably don't even realize what a difference they made in that man's life! beautiful people!!!

Lois Irene Naimon

Sad this happened but he knew at least that people cared about him...should be more people like them

Cindy Brinkworth

That was a very nice gesture, but I don't think I'd be inviting strange men or women to my wedding, or any other affair.  You may want to be nice but you just cannot trust people you don't know.  They could have taken him out for dinner with them, but to take him under their wing because they felt sorry for him is risky, 

So sorry for the man....I cannot comment on that because I don't know the circumstances as to why he was crossing a HIGHWAY.


Bunni Rankey

YES, let the ripple effect touch us all. Thanks.

Sally Hutcheson

 i think there is a lesson for all of us to learn here kindness shoud just be a part of who we are you never know how that kind word or smile or invite will brigthen some ones day so please be a little kinder to others just might make your day

Mary Baez

RIP Daniel Kudos to this couple.

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