7 Chilling Unexplained Images of Hauntings & Other Creepiness (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Oct 15, 2013 Bizarre News
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  • The Freaky Attic Ghost



    Via Imgur


    From a Reddit user: "A friend of mine took this picture in the attic of an abandoned house in the town where she lives, nobody had noticed until she showed me the pictures of the house. Look at the bench on the left." Huh, I don't see any -- AAHHHHHH!

  • The Hampton Court Ghost


    In 2003, fire alarms sounded at the Hampton Court Palace in London, England, indicating that one of the doors had opened. Guards rushed to the area, but found the doors closed with no one nearby. Later, this disturbing image was reportedly discovered on the footage captured by closed-circuit security cameras. 

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