7 Chilling Unexplained Images of Hauntings & Other Creepiness (PHOTOS)

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I don't believe in ghosts, but I LOVE a good ghost story. (What can I say, I contain multitudes.) Being as how we're coming up on Halloween, it seems like an appropriate time of year to share some of the creepiest unexplained images lurking around the web, some of which are believed to be photographic evidence of hauntings. All of these pictures gave me the willies, but I almost wish I hadn't read the description of The Dyatlov Pass Incident (second image in the slideshow), because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be revisiting that story again. In the dead of night. As I lie in bed, wide-eyed, staring up at the ceiling.

Button up your sweater, smooth down the hairs on the back of your neck, and gird your loins for these 7 freaky pictures that probably have a perfectly normal explanation. Probably.

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JS0512 JS0512

I'm a total believer.  And I hate myself so much for looking at these pictures.  I'll be up all night with you!

Judy Easley

I believe too, because i've seen one.  We lived in a basement apartment, always kept the door to the hallway dead-bolted.  The kids slept in the bedroom, I slept on the fold-out sofa.  Woke up one night from the room being too light, and there was a cowled figure standing beside my bed, looking down at me.  I felt no fear, and it disappeared rather quickly.  Why was the room too light?  Because the door to the hallway was wide open, in spite of the dead bolt still being in locked position.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

total believer here as well.  the creepiest ghost story I have was I was checking out the abandoned train station with a friend once and felt myself being hugged from behind; the friend was in the other area of the train station

Katie DeHesa

im a believer and a few of these realy truly made the hair stand up!!  i grew up in a creepy, haunted house and cannot forget the feeling of someone ALWAYS standing just behind my shoulder , breathing into my ear.  these pics brought that all back!!! ACKKKKKK!!!

nonmember avatar Lady

Oh I wish I had not looked at these. I'm going to be scared the rest of the day.

Bugsn... BugsnWorms

I used to live in a 100+ year old colonial in Norfolk, VA. We had some creepy stuff happen there... a friend spending the night claimed to have seen me walk past the door in a long white night gown (I don't even own a white night gown)... another friend spent the night in my attic after he was kicked out of his house... woke up to find one of his blankets hanging on a fan. Also, we had a dog and he would do things like walk backwards down the stairs, growl at nothing, and he always avoided a certain rocking chair in our living room. Creeeeeepy.

Kassy Stoeckel

Well, I just got the absolute shit scared out of me about a week ago- and no, it wasn't my "pregnant imagination," either. I was sleeping, and out of the blue, I woke up HOT AS HELL. Just POURING sweat. I begged my husband to turn on the A/C (In OCTOBER!), and he refused, yelling at me that it was 40 degrees in our bedroom. All of a sudden, with the bedroom door "closed," (my husband always closes it but a few inches, I see a figure peering through the few inches that the door was open. About as tall as the door itself, so you know it wasn't my kids. Through the insane sweeping feelings of fear, while my husband and I are still arguing, i just get hotter and hotter. I all of a sudden begged my husband to turn the light on..... we BOTH saw a GIGANTIC FIGURE covering the bedroom door.... AND THE DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN. Yeah. My husband took one look at my face and grabbed our Bible.

Chibee Chibee

When my mother was little, her aunt came in her bedroom and woke her up.  When she asked what was wrong, her aunt said "jan, your mama needs you to be extra helpful around the house for a while, can you do that for me?" (my mom was one of 10 kids).  She said sure, and gave her aunt a kiss and her aunt left.  She went into the kitchen where her mother (my grandmother) was, and she was crying.  Her mom had told her that her aunt had died unexpectedly.

nonmember avatar Brenda

#3 looks suspiciously like a statue of the Virgin Mary.

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