Family Driven From Town After Daughter Accuses Popular Football Player of Rape

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In January 2012, 14-year-old Daisy Coleman accused a popular 17-year-old football player of raping her. The judge threw it out due to lack of evidence. Her family has since been driven from their small Missouri town, where they were bullied online and in real life, mom lost her job, and somehow their house mysteriously burned to the ground.

Holy moly. It’s difficult in he said, she said scenarios to know what’s what, but here’s what we know. Daisy told the police that the boy invited her to a party, where she got so drunk she couldn’t stand. The boy allegedly had sex with her while his friend filmed it. Daisy’s mother found her passed out on their porch several hours later -- in 22-degree weather with no coat, socks, or shoes. Her hair was frozen and she had frostbite on her hands and feet.

After the case went public, backlash was swift and vitriolic. Classmates posted on social media that she was “asking for it” at the party, and “F*** yea. That’s what you get for bein a skank. : )” Her brothers were booed on the field, and the family was warned that the boys were going to be beaten up in the high school parking lot.

Daisy’s mother Melinda, a veterinarian, lost her job, saying that her boss said the case had become too contentious. Veterinarian Sally Hayse said, “This is a small community, and it definitely was stressful for us here, without a doubt ... If you were to ask me point-blank [why Mrs Coleman was fired], I would say it’s because our style of medicine didn’t jive.”

The Colemans had moved to rural Maryville in 2006 after Mr. Coleman died in a car accident. Mom Melinda Coleman wanted to give the family a fresh start. Then suddenly they had to leave. Melinda said, “Basically I was terrified, I wanted to protect my children, I wanted to get them out of there.”

Eight months after they left, the house they were still trying to sell burned down, and they suspect arson could be involved. “One [sic] one hand, it would almost be a comfort to think it was an electrical problem that caused the fire, but on the other hand, there’s a part of me that really thinks that the fire could be part of all this,” Mrs. Coleman said. 

What a sad, sad situation! Obviously something fishy went down at that party for Daisy to end up frozen on the front porch. Mrs. Coleman says her daughter has suffered twice -- once from the alleged rape and again from the online bullying. She tried to kill herself twice over the whole thing.

Daisy is now 16 and apparently recovering after intensive therapy. “She had a really hard time. She went through a period, a really dark time. She did the self-mutilation and the anger,” Mrs. Coleman said. “So much of being told it was her fault ... it really does seem like it’s your fault when people keep saying it over and over again.”

Do you think Daisy and her family deserved the online abuse -- regardless of what happened that night?


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Todd Vrancic

No.  She did nothing wrong.  At the hospital, they would be more concerned with the frostbite, so gathering evidence of the rape would take second place, I am led to believe that rape evidence is, or can be, time sensitive.  But I'm not faulting the hospital for treating her for frostbite first, they should have, she could have had major damage to her hands and feet if they didn't.

Kattey Kattey

Nobody deserves what that family went through.

nonmember avatar anonymous

wow! finally a post I can agree with you about.

Michelle Miller

this is the most messed up story i have ever read. How dare people do this to a girl. Screw them and their precious football star. I love football but a child is always more important. I can see how kids bully kids, I'm not saying it's right but it does happen, but the fact that full grown adults help run these people out of town and helped harrass this poor girl for seeking help, shame on them. I have no hope for this world

zmont... zmontague

I don't know how you can even ask if they deserved it or not, of fucking course they DIDN'T!

nonmember avatar Lindsey

They had a case, but apparently these kids were related to some people who got them off the hook. i hope anonymous gets a hold of these kids.

flood... flood1971

My God, bless this family! What a sick nightmare. The world over such hatred for women. We all must stand up for what's right, always. I wonder if there was anyone in that town that had their back. It is simple- if a person cannot consent, no matter the reason, you DO NOT touch them sexually. Period. They need to be brought to justice. If this is true, the whole town should be!

adopt... adoption2013

Sexual assaults are hard to prove.  I'm not sure if she's telling the truth or not.  If she was really that drunk she wasn't able to consent.  However, I've defended six cases in the past three years where it was clear that a false allegations was being made.  Whatever happened of course the family didn't deserve this.   Even if she made it up her family did nothing wrong.  That being said if she were that intoxicated she could not consent and therefore it was a sexual assault.

landr... landrylamb

Are you kidding me?  What an irresponsible article!!!  There is no he said, she said.  There is PROOF.  They have confessions, they have rape kits, they searched the boys home within 4 hours and found plenty of evidence-the sheriff thought they had a case that would "absolutely" result in prosecution.  I suggest anyone that wants to read the whole story instead of the summary on the DailyMail or this half assed travesty above read the original story in The Kanas City Star

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