Grown Woman Arrested for Posing as Teen to Seduce 14-Year-Old Boy

Naomi DixonHere's a new twist on all those depressing teacher sex scandals in the news lately: A 31-year-old Florida woman has been arrested on charges that she pretended to be a teenager to have sex with a 14-year-old boy.

The boy says he met Naomi Dixon at a party, where he says she told him she was 17. He says he gave his own age as 14. They allegedly had sex that very night.

Dixon has been charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery involving a sex act with a child. Not only did she allegedly have sex with this kid on at least eight occasions, but he says she also tried to lock him in her home more than once and became violent when he tried to leave. Oh and also? He says she tried to carve his initials into her arm.

What a nightmare, right? This is the part that I find heartbreaking: The kid says he finally told his parents about his new "friend" because he was tired of Dixon trying to force him to stay at her house. Can you even imagine how confused and overwhelmed he must have been? If I was his mom, and this all turns out to be true, I'd want to strangle this woman.

When she was arrested, Dixon reportedly first denied having sex with the minor, but then changed her story and said she thought he was 18. Oh boy.

It's so hard to imagine the mindset of someone like this, isn't it? If these allegations are true, does it mean that she's just a sick person who is only attracted to kids? Or is she trying to somehow relive her own teenage years? Maybe she didn't get enough attention from boys back when she actually WAS a teenager and this is a twisted and bizarre way of making up for it ...

Ug. Who knows. Time will tell if the charges stick, but if Dixon is found guilty, it's certainly not the first time an adult used trickery and manipulation to take advantage of a vulnerable young person. And, sadly, it won't be the last.

What do you think an appropriate punishment for a crime like this would be?


Image via Volusia County Branch Jail

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Kattey Kattey

Don't really care why. The justice system needs to crack down harder on female rapists, or all rapists really. It's really sick.

nonmember avatar J

She's disgusting and needs help BUT he's not some innocent little kid. He was a sexually active teenager who was going to her house TO HAVE SEX. Don't want to be 'locked' in the house, then don't go there! Yes, she should be punished but please don't make him out to be some feabile minded 'child'. He knew what he was doing too. Chances are, he knew she was older than 17 too.

Brett Murray

The non member comment makes no sense at all. SHE IS THE ADULT. SHE ASSUMES 100% OF THE RESPONSIBILITY END OF STORY. Making a lame statement about how this 14 yr old has to shoulder some responsibility for this is utterly ridiculous.

Panda... PandaPop83

The same amount of time a man would receive for the same crime. I don't feel sorry for her just because she's a woman. She's a child predator and needs to be dealt with the same as all child predators.

Panda... PandaPop83

I don't see how this is the boy's fault. Any of it. The fact is she lied to im. She isn't 21 or even IN her twenties. She is over 15 years older than he is. She is the adult. He is only 14. My daughter is two years younger than he is. If she was ever in this position, I'd slap the person who calls my kid feabile minded. To a 14 year, sex is just that... sex. There are no implications to it, no legal stances. The only thing he would have had to worry about was getting her pregnant. So no, he did not know what he was getting himself into. He wasn't looking for a relationship. He wasn't looking to be held hostage in someone's house. So to even hold this against him is just cruel!

Roger Hage

  I wouldn't have minded banging a 31 year old when i was 14 lol


Jennifer Barbour

let the mother have her for 2 hours....I bet she wouldn't be alive, let alone try to do this with another "kid"

nonmember avatar Mom of 4

A child is a child. It shouldn't matter if the child involved is a boy or a girl. One of the comments implying that the child "knew what he was doing", isn't the issue. The issue is this is an ADULT having sex with a CHILD. I bet if the adult was a man and the child was a female, there would be less sharing the blame on to the child. Any sick adult that thinks it is ok to have any sexual relationship with a child needs to be kept away from all children. Disgusting!

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