Suspect in Baby Hope Murder Allegedly Detailed Horrific Crime for Cops

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Baby hopeThere's been an arrest! The alleged killer of Baby Hope, the little girl murdered and shoved in a cooler, then left on the side of a New York highway 22 years ago, has been identified by police as a cousin of the little girl know known to be Anjelica Castillo.

Finally! Some justice for the little girl buried under a headstone paid for by police detectives under a name that wasn't her's in a dress bought by the wife of one of the detectives. 

It was just this week that cops tracked down Baby Hope's mother, and then her name. They were searching for her father, but the course of the investigation led them instead to the father's cousin.

Conrad Juarez, now 52, has been charged with murder. He allegedly admitted to raping and killing the little girl in July of 1991 by smothering her with a pillow, then abandoning her body with the help of a sister who is now deceased. 

Have you been following the Baby Hope case? What do you make of this arrest?


Image via NYPD

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youth... youthfulsoul

I think it's disgusting and why the hell didn't the parents report her missing. And why hasn't a real picture of her been released instead of this terrible sketch? Something here is still fishy with regard to the family.

sweet... sweetaspie630

Why is the mother still out of jail?

Nicki Halpin

How s it hat if the mom didn't do that she wasn't reported missing? If she had been reported missing then it would have been solved long ago....and how is in no one else in the family thoughg nothing of her just being gone one day? Something doesn't add up!

cmjaz cmjaz

I wonder how many other little girls the monster raped just because his family wouldn't turn him in?

pamel... pamelamrtn

Mother & father should be arrested also.They didn't report it.

prplecat prplecat

The statute of limitations for child endangerment has run out in this case.  That's probably all that they could really charge the parents with.  God will have to take care of them, and I'm quite sure that He will.

flora... florajane528

As sad as this is and horrible that the parents didn't report her missing, they are Mexicans (I'm assuming, I haven't followed this that closely) they were probably illegal immigrants and couldn't have the police look into them without getting sent back. So it was probably them choosing to stay in the country and look themselves instead of being sent away and not being able to do anything about their missing daughter..

johnn... johnnys_mom6605

I wonder if the parents were illegals and that's why they didn't report her missing.

needa... needadvice1983

Much better article. Sorry I'm mobile. Can't make it clicky. But they were illegals. Mom and dad separated. Mom had 9 other kids from different dads and didn't want to be deported. This article goes into detail of how he killed her (not overly graphic but still disturbing. Fair warning). It also gives Baby Hopes REAL name: Angelica Conrad. Come on stir writers do a better job. This took me half a minute googling to find a much more detailed article than yours!

nonmember avatar Ana

The parents were illegal in the U.S. The parents divorce and split custody of the children father kept 2 of the girls and the mother took the oldest one. The father left the girls with his relatives while he went back to Mexico and that's when this happened all the people in the house were told that the girl was gone and she wouldn't returned..and the only person (the aunt) that cover up for her brother died..I hope she had a very painful death..the mother reunited with one of the daughter's(Baby hope sister) after a lapse of 8 years and her daughter never knew of her sister weherabouts but she did suspect she was killed...the bloggers in this page do a very lousy job and are a little too opiniated

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