Seriously Drunk Woman Charged With 4th DUI After Making Outrageous 911 Call

Carol Frances Omeara, 55, spent Tuesday afternoon at a bar in Billings, Montana, drowning her sorrows in what was likely a tankard of vodka. Then she reportedly got in her car and drove home, parking about two feet away from the curb. After passing out for a few hours, she woke up and called the police -- because she was too drunk to get out of the car!

So that happened. According to court records, "When asked if she was having a medical or mechanical issue, the caller said, 'No, I'm just too damn drunk.'"


An officer found her in her car around 10:40 p.m., keys in her pocket. She said she’d been asleep about four hours, after consuming a pint of vodka at the bar. She consented to the Breathalyzer and blew a 0.311, nearly four times the legal limit. Yup, that’s probably drunk enough to forget how to get out of your car.

She was arrested on felony DUI charges and appeared in Yellowstone County Justice Court by video from the county jail. Judge Larry Herman set her bail at $3,000 after learning that she has three previous drunk driving convictions.

Why is this woman still driving? How did she even manage to get home when she couldn’t even get out of the car four hours after she stopped drinking? What is wrong with people?

It’s a miracle she didn’t kill anyone.

Do you think her bail was set high enough?


Image via Blue Jean Images/Corbis

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