11-Year-Old Who Shielded Other Kids From Gunfire Deserves a Better World Than This One

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children on way to schoolBrave doesn't even begin to describe J'Nay Bailey. The 11-year-old threw herself over two younger students to shield them from gunfire. Gunfire. If that isn't a hero, I don't know what is. She is truly inspiring and deserves all the admiration and congratulations we can offer. But sadly, that is overshadowed by one simple fact.

An 11-year-old should not have to dodge bullets on her way home from school. The fifth grader at Montview Elementary in Hunstville, Alabama, was walking home with a kindergartner and a first grader when two dozen shots were fired. The quick-thinking kid immediately pulled the little girls to the ground and tried to cover them with her body. By the grace of God, they were not hit.

To me, that is our national shame. Everyone is freaking out about Obamacare, but that is really the least of our problems if things like this keep happening. It's actually an epidemic. According to the Children's Defense Fund, more American children suffered gunshot injuries than all the US soldiers in Afghanistan in 2010. And 93 percent of the kids under 15 killed by guns in 26 industrialized nations live in America. What kind of sense does that make?

I'm not going to pretend to have the solution. I don't know whether that is more gun control or just more cops on the street. I just know something needs to be done. It is unacceptable for our children to grow up this way.

How do you think we can make communities safer for our children?

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nonmember avatar Amanda

More gun control isn't the answer. It's teaching our kids respect from the time they are young. You know I see more kids slamming doors, yelling, cursing their parents and they don't do anything about it. Also have you seen what they show on T.V. and parents think this is ok. Instead of letting tv and society teach our children we aught to be teaching them right. Time to spank them when they don't listen and actually let them know who is boss. We also need accountability for ones actions starting when they are young.

sweet... sweetaspie630

What a brave child! She deserves a medal!

giving heart

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Make abortion free. You hate the idea but it's the answer. Stop allowing these fucks to breed. Oh, my god will burn me.. Shut up. We are all over it. Abort them!

nonmember avatar Michelle

J'Nay Bailey - the child who protected the other children - is BLACK, and her photograph is available. Unfortunately, the racist author of this article chose to put a photograph of white children with the article instead. If a black child does something bad, his or her photograph is everywhere. However, if a black child does something good, she or he is erased and visually replaced with white children.

This is offensive.

nonmember avatar noshiiitsherloc

@Michelle I didn't need a pic to know she was black. HER NAME IS J'NAY.... not bieng racist but I've never seen a white J'ssica or T'ffany.

Marin... Marine101

Placing a restriction on law abiding citizens only allows the criminals to be better armed. You can shove your gun control. What we need are safer streets, thus we need to stop firing police officers over stupid stuff and we need to increase the funds necessary for those who want to serve and protect. They need new gear and need more bodies... so far, they aren't getting much of anything. If they can't do their jobs, then we can't feel safe about letting our kids walk the streets in our own neighborhoods.  

nonmember avatar shannon

uhhh ... pretty sure the one kid is black in the picture, 'michelle'. you are an idiot. go back under your rock.

nonmember avatar Amy

Michelle, THAT'S what you took away from this article? Really!? REALLY!?

nonmember avatar Nina

Michelle, the author of this article is a BLACK woman. Tell me again how she is racist against herself.

nonmember avatar Lisa Cowan

We have similar horrifying statistics in South Africa, my home! It really should make one wonder just what is it our civil servants are doing, who do they think they work for & what are they doing with our hard earned money? For it certainly is not in service of us! Communities in all corners of the world need to stand up! Now!

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