Woman Beats Her Boyfriend in Public While People Stand & Watch (VIDEO)

Girl slapping her boyfriendI think we can all agree on the notion that there's no flawless relationship. When you're romantic with someone, emotions are high, and with high emotions come an occasional fight. Now, I'm not the kind of person to fight with a lover in public if I can avoid it, but some ladies, well -- they don't exactly mind makin' a spectacle of their man.

Take this 20-year-old woman from Hong Kong for example. As her 23-year-old boyfriend knelt at her feet, she yelled at him in Cantonese for inviting another girl up to his apartment.

But the fight goes beyond yelling. In fact, she grabs his hair and slaps him repeatedly in the middle of a public sidewalk. Their altercation draws a crowd, and what follows will leave you absolutely speechless.

Here, watch the girl freak out on her boyfriend:


You know what disturbs me the most? The fact that there's a major crowd forming around the couple (and the girl standing alongside) and yet no one steps in to stop the confrontation. I mean, if this was a man beating a woman, you KNOW this wouldn't have gone on for so long. No way. No how.

With that said, I totally disagree with how this girl handled the problem publicly. Sure, it's natural to react right away when you get disturbing news (like your man invited another woman up to his place). But hammering it out in front of others isn't usually the answer, and neither is getting physical. I firmly believe that if you find yourself fighting with your significant other in public all too often, then it's most likely NOT the right relationship for you.

Does this video make you raise an eyebrow?


Image via LouisGoodHK/YouTube

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