Mom & Newborn Found Dead in Bed Days After C-Section Delivery

flowerA mom died in her bed from pain medication she was taking while she was recovering from her C-section. And if that, in and of itself, isn't awful enough, the mom rolled over onto her infant who was next to her and smothered him to death. Marjorie Lyons' twin 6-year-old girls reportedly found their mother and thought she was asleep. The girls ran downstairs to their uncle's apartment and said, "Mommy's asleep! We can't wake mommy!" He immediately ran upstairs and found his sister unresponsive, and Preston Warren Alexander, the 11-day-old baby, underneath her.

Lyons had been complaining about the lingering pain from her C-section, but she was concerned about how sleepy the medication made her. According to her father, "She said the medication (oxycodone) was making her too drowsy. That was her complaint. It subsided the pain, but it was making her very drowsy." Police are investigating the situation, and the Medical Examiner's Office are yet to determine the exact cause of death.

The twins now have learned what happened to their mother, but at first, no one was able to tell them. They kept asking for their mother, but none of Marjorie's relatives had the heart to break the news. Before they found out, Lyons' brother told reporters, "We just tell them that she’s sick. They keep coming back and saying, 'Why are we taking so long to take her to the doctor if Mommy is sick?' We’re just saying that we have to go through certain procedures first, but Mommy’ll soon go to the hospital."

Ugh. Could you imagine having to break this news to these poor girls? They have every right in the world to know, but how do you tell 6-year-olds that their mother passed away out of nowhere? And they must have been so excited to have a new baby brother -- now both he and their mom have been taken.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all of Marjorie's relatives, especially her daughters. This is tragedy in every sense of the word.

What do you think of this?


Image via Vince Cavataio/Corbis



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Movie... Moviebuff

This is the reason why you shouldn't sleep with your baby in bed. What a very sad story.

aeneva aeneva

This is the reason why you shouldn't sleep with the baby in bed WHILE ON MEDS THAT MAKE YOU DROWSY.  It has NOTHING to do with safely cosleeping.


I feel so horrible for those girls and hope that they have some welcoming family members to take them in.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

she took pain meds that she knew made her sleepy and then laid down in the bed with her newborn. This was a tragedy waiting to happen

April... AprilJune

I knew that on here, this would become all about co-sleeping. Everyone pointing their fingers instead of realizing what a tragedy this is for her entire family.

Valerie Metzger

Call me crazy, but it kinda sounds like she was taking WAY TOO MUCH of the pain medication if it killed her. This isn't an argument against co-sleeping, it's an argument against idiocy. Anyone who co-sleeps should really know better than to climb into bed with your kiddo when you're on ANY substance, let alone massive amounts of oxycodone.

nonmember avatar Christie

It's not the Co-sleeping (though I never did that) for my own personal reasons, it's the d*mn oxycodone. That sh*t is an epidemic where I live and from what I hear in a lot of other places too. Big pharma was getting heat about Percocets and how popular they are as a street drug so they have started pushing oxy instead. Oxy is similar to heroin so when people get addicted to oxy they usually end up on heroin because it's cheaper. They should have left the percocets alone yes they'd still be on the street just like all of the other "pain medications" big pharma pushes Oxy is just too d*mn dangerous.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

yes it IS a tragedy, but at least for the baby, a preventable one

nonmember avatar Alisha

I slept with all my girls mainly bc I am way too paranoid about SIDS. Also, Most c-section moms can hardly move on their own for at least a week. No one is to blame here. Feel terrible for the twins.

nonmember avatar Kristi

How sad for all involved. I just don't know why she would have her baby with her if she KNEW the meds made her so drowsy. It scares me that some people seem to be so gung ho on the co-sleeping trend that they throw all sense out the window.

adamat34 adamat34

Really??? How aboyt a "rest in peace"? This is a horrible thing.

I pray they.are with the Lord and those little girls find peace.

Lets not turn this into a platform yet.

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