Man Brutally Beat Wife When She Wouldn't Call Him 'Sir'

You know who sucks? Wife beaters. You know who’s awesome? The women that manage to stand up to them.

Pennsylvania man Dan Kirby Kopp beat his wife with a wooden spoon because she didn’t call him “sir” in front of the children. She was apparently being “disrespectful” toward him, and in his warped mind, that meant she needed to be physically punished.


According to court documents, Kopp would use a spoon or his hand, often holding his wife down over his knee so she would “learn a lesson.”

In September 2012, his wife caught one of the beatings on video, took it to the local police, and reported the serial abuse. She told officers he hit her as a “means of disciplining her for disobedience to him for undermining his parenting.”

Jurors watched the recording, which showed the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Kopp threaten his wife with a wooden paddle, giving her to the “count of three to comply” with his command to address him with a “yes, sir” in front of their children. He also threatened to “cast the demons out of her” next time she disobeyed.

On Tuesday, Kopp was sentenced to 23 months in jail and one year of parole. The judge also issued a restraining order, and he is not allowed to contact his wife. Because they have young children, they have been ordered to stay at least 50 yards apart from each other during school or sporting events.

Can we get a round of applause for this lady for standing up to her abusive husband and turning him in? No woman deserves to be treated that way, and it’s never ok.

Let’s hope that this guy learns a little respect for women during his time-out behind bars.

Do you think Kopp got what he deserved?

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