Despicable, Attention-Seeking Mom Put Bleach in Her 1-Year-Old Daughter's Eyes

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jennifer mothersheadA Washington woman was found guilty on Friday for putting bleach in her child's eye. The woman, ironically named Jennifer Mothershead, was found guilty of first-degree child assault. Jurors also found aggravating factors that proved Mothershead exhibited deliberate cruelty to her child, amounting to torture.

In May of 2011, Mothershead's daughter, who was 14 months, was airlifted to a Seattle hospital. In addition to finding that the child had serious head injuries, doctors found that she had a severe eye infection, which caused her to go blind in her right eye. Mothershead claimed the infection was from eye drops she was given, but after the drops were sent to a forensic chemistry lab, it was determined that the drops contained bleach. Mothershead never offered any explanation on why her daughter's head was injured. The doctors became suspicious, and she was arrested shortly thereafter.

A clear motive is still yet to be determined, but the county prosecutor said of Mothershead, "By torturing her child, she was able to get both financial support and sympathy for herself." In other words, Munchausen by Proxy. Sick. Sick, sick, sick.

Here's an idea. If Mothershead (god, I hate calling her by her last name) wanted sympathy from people, why didn't she torture herself instead of her defenseless child who couldn't tell her to stop? And here's an even better idea: Why don't the punishments for these types of crimes become harsher than they always seem to be? The prosecutor is requesting a sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison, but we all know that likely won't happen. Fifty years in prison for doing something this physically and emotionally damaging? I think that sounds about right. It would probably stop a lot of other people from senselessly hurting children. And if it didn't, at least we know justice is (somewhat) being served.

What do you think of this?


Image via Pierce County Sheriff's Office



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You really think that more prison time would cut down on someone maiming their child? Tell that to murderers who don't give a damn about a needle.

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

Test the mother to see if she's an organ donor match... take her eyes if she is, give them to the daughter when she's old enough to receive them.

sweet... sweetaspie630

@PRIMA487 So we should just keep giving them slaps on the wrist and letting them go to reoffend? And we should keep sending the message children don't really matter? Child molesters and abusers should be put to death no ifs ands or buts.

Patro... Patroller

How is her last name ironic? Something that was opposite of what was expected? Just because her last name has the word mother in it, doesn't make it ironic. Now if her last name was Goodmother or something, I could understand cringing at the name.... But it's not. 

nonmember avatar Tammy

I think we should lock her up and shut her mouth up and do the same thing to her !

nonmember avatar lisa zimpelman

Sick simply heartless the mother should be beaten and bleach be put in her eyes like the infant child ..

Patty West

they should torture her the same way that she did her child when she goes to prison she might do 2yrs then she will get out for good behavior my opinion they should take out her eyes to give to her daughter when she is able to get them then they should put her to death after she get death what other organ she have left take them as well

Katy Norris

I was an exceptionally book smart kid. I wanted to be a lawyer, untill I saw how justice can go wrong. Things like this remind me how sick this world can be and reinforce why I never pursued the law path. =(


Katy Norris

An eye for an eye..


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