Ariel Castro May Not Have Died From Suicide After All

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ariel castroWhen I first saw the headline today, I almost couldn't even bring myself to read the story. The Ohio man who kidnapped and held three women hostage for years, Ariel Castro, may have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation, not suicide. It's just so disgusting all around. According to a report by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Castro was found dead with his pants and underwear pulled down around his ankles. This suggests to them that Castro may not have been trying to kill himself. But no one is certain at this point.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation, in case you're not familiar with the term, is when you try to get off sexually by briefly strangling yourself until you pass out. We know Castro died from strangulation, but it was assumed by most that he deliberately hung himself to commit suicide. He did not leave a suicide note, and none of his mental health evaluations showed signs that he was contemplating suicide.

I think we all had angry and resentful feelings about Castro's early death. His apparent suicide seems cowardly, the easy way out. But at least it gave us the impression that he was in great turmoil. This new theory of how he may have died is somehow worse. It implies that he wasn't in so much turmoil that he wanted to end his life. In fact, he may have died with a smile on his face. That's a hideously unacceptable end for us to imagine. For Ariel Castro to die in the midst of a pleasurable activity, however depraved -- it's grossly unfair. But then, life is unfair.

Another disturbing discovery: Video shows that two prison guards falsified logs for routine checks on Castro. Through the afternoon and evening leading up to Castro's death, the guards missed at least eight required checks on him. If they had been looking in on their prisoner like they were supposed to be doing, he might still be alive -- still in prison, paying for his crimes.

If there's any consolation in this story, I guess it's that Castro died in ignominy, with his pants around his ankles. I guess that's fitting. At least his death had no dignity whatsoever.

Do you think Castro committed suicide, or was it an accidental death?


Image via FBI

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nhamp... nhampton401

Why are you so hell bent on us paying for him to live a cushy life in prison? He deserves to be dead. Period. Stop giving him the spot light.

miche... micheledo

"I think we all had angry and resentful feelings about Castro's early death."

Um, NO.  I had absolutely NO anger or resentful feelings.  If anything there was relief and thankfulness that the girls no longer had to be concerned about him being alive.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Reminds me of a 6 feet under episode. I agree with hampton, why would we want to pay for him to be alive so he can "pay" for his mistakes?

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

Don't care. It's still on my bucket list to dance on his grave one day while singing "ding dong the bitch is dead!" and dumping out a bag of the most vile smelling animal fecal matter on his headstone, or plaque, or tree stump... whatever it is they did for him, if they buried him at all. Something tells me they just cremated him and tossed out his ashes in the garbage, and that's fine with me.

nonmember avatar Shannon

You are silly if you think this was a lone incident. Hmmm, the guards missed the check 8 times. They were giving the inmates time to committ the crime. That's better justice than what he deserved!

Lyn Spreadbury

Or.... The guards may have turned the other way while other prisoners were allowed into its cell and they strangled it?  Either way, the monster is dead and we no longer have to pay to feed it!!

charl... charlize216

Dead is dead....if he didn't mean to die then the jokes on him....he's no longer on this earth and we no longer have to support him...good riddance to bad rubbish.

crazy... crazy4chapstick

don't care either way. he's dead. that's all that matters!!
not sure why it's ok for people who commit these horrible crimes to receive better care than some americans (especially the elderly) and yet we give lethal injection to dogs for doing nothing other than not being adopt.

Kate Cluichi

Something that may have slipped the mind of some is that perhaps the reason the guards did not check on him was because they were allowing other inmates to rape and kill him for the crimes he did. It has happened in the past, so why not now? Oh right the guards were actually caught on tape purposely avoiding checks on him....hmmm, so let's see, what would they say happened to avoid losing their jobs and possibly going to jail themselves for allowing it to happen...hmmm, well he was a sicko, so let's just say he choked himself to death while masterbating, yeah that sounds believable. However, I chose to believe that he got the same treatment he gave to those girls from some big nasty ugly inmates and when they were done they killed him. Justice served and guards keep their jobs.

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