Prince Charles May Divorce Camilla for the Good of the Country

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prince charles camillaKris and Bruce Jenner splitting up? That I believe. But the latest tabloid breakup gossip has turned to the Royal family, and I just don't buy it. Supposedly the Queen is forcing Prince Charles to divorce Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, or he can't inherit the throne. And Camilla is threatening to expose the Royal family's dirty secrets if he dares throw her off that queenly throne she so rightly deserves -- or so says the The Globe. They want us to believe Camilla's been pulling drunken tirades, demanding a huge divorce pay-off, or she'll blab.

I'm sorry, we're talking about Charles and Camilla? Really? Because this doesn't fit in with their story at all.

Okay, there's not a whole lot of love for Camilla. We all know her as Charles' first serious girlfriend, the woman he dated before he was wed off to Diana. The woman he pined over while he was still married to Di. And the woman he married, in defiance of the people, after his divorce. We may not love Camilla, but Charles sure does -- with the kind of passion that sustains a relationship for decades. These two are in it for the long haul.

And if Camilla really wanted to expose anything about the Palace, she could have done it ages ago. Anyway, what does she stand to gain from that? It's not like her to deliberately throw out tabloid fodder like that. Camilla is old school, and she's already been in the tabloids far more than she probably wanted to be. It's not like she needs the money, either.

On the other hand, it could be true that the Queen is pressuring Prince Charles to divorce Camillla for the throne. She is very much concerned about propriety and tradition and has a strong sense of duty. Actually, I could see Charles divorcing Camillia on paper for the crown and then just keeping calm and carrying on with his relationship with her. They don't need a piece of paper from City Hall (or wherever the Brits get their license) to validate their love. They're kind of beyond that now.

Do you believe the gossip that Prince Charles and Camilla are on the verge of divorce?


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Val Jane Bayley

Awwww don't divorce your good for each other.

Regina Reams

bet Diana is laughing in her grave...Charles and Camilla deserve each other....

Caroline Adie-Bailey

I don't care as long as she never gets the title of Queen consort:( please tell me that won't happen :(

Gaynor Jones

OMG get rid of the Rotweiller........DIANA enjoy your laugh.


Who wants Camilla as QUEEN? NOoooooooooooooobody !! and if she's willing to spill the beans on the royal family? We can see she messed around with Charles for HER OWN good. Never could stand that old HAG .. 


Vanessa Haynes-Miller

though I don't personally like her, I can't really say anything, it doesn't matter what I think, I am British by nationality only, i'm not a British citizen, so it doesn't matter what I think.

nonmember avatar Deirdre

From what I read in something official a long time ago, her title would be Princess Consort. I think everybody should just leave the whole family alone and let them have their peace. As far as The Globe is concerned, consider the source. LOL

Ellen McCann-Fletcher

I think the queen knows what her son wants & if she doesn't want him
married-and king, she will just give it to her grandson.(She can do that if Charles defied her & the church for Camilla)

Carla Gray-Corrin

There's always a little bit of truth to gossip and this gossip has been going around for a long time now.  They should just give the throne to William and Catherine.  Most of us could give 2 s#@ts about Charles and Camilla.  They deserve each other but SHE does NOT deserve the throne!!

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