9-Year-Old Arrested for Stowing Away on Airplane & All Adults Can Do Is Blame the Kid

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airplaneHave you heard about the 9-year-old who allegedly stowed away on an airplane the other day? The stowaway told his parents he was going to take out the trash and somehow sneaked aboard a Delta flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas. Not only has the 9-year-old been arrested, but every day we hear more about what a bad egg he is.

The latest allegations included a theft of a car and confirmation that he was on suspension from school for a fight when he decided to hop a flight to Sin City.

OK. We go it. This kid was trouble with a capital "T." But you did catch his age, right? Why are we ripping a 9-year-old to shreds? Aren't we missing something?

The adults?

Sure, he may not be the perfect little angel. From the sounds of it, his parents have been up to their ears in dealing with his messes. The boy's dad -- who is not being identified to protect his minor child -- has now come out to admit his stowaway son has had his "ups and downs."

Said ups and downs are detailed in countless media reports.

The ups and downs of a 9-year-old.

Who, I might remind you, has been arrested.

Maybe this is how we all feel better about the catastrophe that allows a 9-year-old to somehow sneak onto an airplane? By demonizing a little kid?

Because I've got to tell you, the idea that a kid can sneak onto an airplane does not make me feel good about airport security. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to notice an unaccompanied minor without a ticket and say, "Huh, something is out of place here!"

But this kid stowed away on the plane. Meaning he made it through airport security, through the gate, ONTO the plane. It seems no one figured it out until the plane was actually in the air as the kid was arrested on the Nevada end of the flight, where he was arrested.

The TSA won't let me get a full-size bottle of contact solution on a flight because re-wetting my eyes might start an international incident. But this they allow?

This kid may not be a saint, and surely he should be punished. But let's not let the misdeeds of a little boy misdirect us from the real problems here: airport security failed here. The parents failed here. The ADULTS failed here.

And this adult is none too comfortable letting that slide.

What do you think is the real problem here? The little boy or the airport's security?


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nonmember avatar Nic

I read the article that came out about this story, and it didn't say he was arrested, it said he was handed over to (CPS) child protective services. So, I think you're taking some "creative liberties" with that whole "arrested" thing.

Aviva Fischer

You know, you are so sanctimonious. Did you listen to the father at the press conference? He was choking up. Begging for help with his child. He wasn't blaming. He was desperate. Yes airport security should have caught him. So should have all the other people he must have seen but, generally speaking, it is not a kid with no carry on luggage blowing up planes. It is crazy adults putting things in their shoes, in their underpants and plotting ways to get chemicals on board to make an on flight explosive that are trying to blow things up. I feel for the parents, they clearly don't know how to help their child. They know that they aren't equipped to help and hopefully, this is a big enough incident that they will have all the help they need.

fave82 fave82

The parents hadn't seen him since the night before when he went to take the trash out. They said they just assumed that he was at a friends... How the hell do you not know where your kid is???? You just ASSUME your 9 year old is staying the night with a friend?! I'm sure these parents do want to help their kid, but good lord, start by supervising.

amber... amberdotsmom

@AvivaFischer - Yes, true, the dad was choked up and begging for help.  BUT - they also, as fave82 said hadn't seen him since the night before and "assumed" he was at a friends.  And the Dad mentioned that his previous run in with the law for stealing a car was because he didn't know and thought he was just playing Grand Theft Auto.  The Dad wants and needs help but the Parents need help, counseling and parenting classes too and yes they should take a lot of the blame.  First letting your 9 year old play GTA at all, then blaming car theft on it and saying you don't know what do to (how about taking that game and all others away to start?) then knowing he's a problem child maybe not letting him take out the trash or do anything else unsupervised.  And certainly, certainly NOT "assuming" he's at a friends house when he just doesn't come home after he'd already been in trouble before.  I don't think it's sanctimonious at all to say that these Parents, while they may have needed outside help and couseling for the kid were most certainly not helping the situation by doing their parenting duty.

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

The father was told he would be arrested and charged if he disciplined his child.

kdsue kdsue

a) the child wasn't arrested.  A 9-year-old can't be charged with a crime.  Therefore, he can't be arrested.

b) the dad specifically said that they don't have GTA at their house.

c) the parents clearly need help and some parenting classes, but it sounds like they're trying.  They say they've asked for help in the past. 

fave82 fave82

@GHOSTWRITER, the father asked the police if he could "give him a whupping" ... not merely disciplining.

eleph... elephantmamaof2

......I haven't read anything yet saying that he was actually arrested. The lack of research and actual facts on some of these articles is astounding. But, after wading through the nonsense in the article, I do agree with your sentiment. A lot of people failed at their jobs that day. This means that something catastrophic could very easily happen. But funny enough, all of the stories I'm reading are talking about just that- the failures of the airport. I haven't read a single article putting complete blame on this child.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

It sounds like an ass whiping is what that kid needs! Its sad that parents are afraid to discipline their kids because of the risk of going to jail or losing custody of their kids. That's what wrong with kids now days you cant really discipline them without fear... Its just sad!

nonmember avatar Lili

1.) Give credit to the writer of this Stir article. I notice a lot of haters. If people did their research, they would know it was stated in the Minneapolis Star Tribune where it cites that he WAS arrested. Here's an article from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/08/us/vegas-flight-child/index.html
2.) the kid needs help-no doubt he may need a good spanking or a stern discipline but this dad doesn't seem to really care anymore he said his son isn't an honors student as if he's ashamed of his son. It's obvious this kid is not only in need of discipline but he needs affection and a source of encouragement.

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